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  1. It got it into reverse , and what I think is a high gear . That was the extent of going around the block
  2. Having never owned a standard 3 speed manual with column shift , I’m still thoroughly confused
  3. Started it up for the first time this year .... super impressed it started second hit of the key ..... just need tires , and to figure out how to shift the damned thing . Only drove it around the block twice ...
  4. url=https://postimg.cc/4n2LCzTQ][img]https://i.postimg.cc/4n2LCzTQ/8_A17_B644-4973-4976-99_C4-85_DBC8_C99_D5_D.jpg[/img][/url] [url=https://postimg.cc/jD7k4CmQ][img]https://i.postimg.cc/jD7k4CmQ/D02876_DD-4_DC9-4_B42-_BD74-743_B88_A9_CDD2.jpg[/img][/url]
  5. About the best pics I could get tonight ....
  6. I’m 99% it’s the low and high semi auto .... but I’ve only driven it once , and that was less than a mile ... i do know when I stop the car I did not shift and I was able to just get out of the car and set the parking brake and then get back in turn the parking brake off and take off again
  7. The brakes are close . I need to pull one rear wheel and readjust a little . It’s certainly a learning curve to use it ... i have the trans in my 49 meadowbrook , but don’t know anything about it ...
  8. Neither myself nor my transmission rebuilder have had any luck finding such parts .... the 55 Cadillac is looking like a viable replacement ... at least parts are plentiful ...
  9. Because I loved the originality of this car ... that’s why I bought it ... if I wanted a modern drivetrain , I’d buy a diplomat ...
  10. Seriously ..... anybody want this thing ??? I’m sick as hell of looking at something I can’t drive and parts are apparantly non existent .... or only available to those who know the secret handshake and backwoods supplier .... neither of which I possess ...
  11. How about this ..... anybody want to buy a 48 D-24 that needs tranny work ??? I can’t find parts ..... this car can go to hell , or the crusher , I don’t really care either way at this point , I want my driveway back . At least I can find parts for all my Cadillacs ...
  12. Even my trans shop is having an issue finding parts .... I know there has to be a source for them ...
  13. Crawled underneath today . I’m 110% certain it’s the transmission leaking . A quick google search didn’t reveal much for parts ....
  14. Well I guess i need to know A. Where do I get the aforementioned seals for motor and trans I guess , and B, is this something we can handle here at home or do I need to farm it out to a compentent shop ???
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