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  1. Thanks Adam. Thanks for your advice. i have stock width rims , with full wheel covers that were used on Cambridge, not Concord. I assume there's no question about wheel covers on new wheels. And do you recommend a supplier - the several websites i've visited don't go back past '68. THANKS again. Ned .
  2. 52 Plymouth wheel covers wore into valve stems - the covers appear to have rotated. I'm using radials, and i've been told cracks in wheels are also possible. So I'm looking for new wheels that will be OK for my wheel covers. Anything special to watch out for in sourcing aftermarket wheels for my dear Suburban?
  3. Thanks dpollo, the P23 option sounds good. Anyone know how much bigger diameter it is than the standard 22? I guess finding one is the trick. I'm not having any luck so far. Anyone know a source?
  4. I've been told that installing a 1" swaybar to replace the 5/8 makes the '52 handle much better. Mentioned this to a fellow Suburban owner - he said he'd heard that a swaybar from a Jeep Cherokee of the late '90's fits nicely as an alternative to having one made. Does any of this ring true to others? Or is my memory of the conversation just plain wacky. Thanks.
  5. Three questions about shocks for my 1952 Plymouth Suburban: Does anyone know what aftermarket shocks one should use for this car. Related question, does anyone know if Suburban shocks are same as on Sedan? Finally, something i heard at the recent Plymouth meet in Michigan - a fellow 52 Suburban-owner said the the floaty nature of the car comes from the fact that the front shocks run from lower control arm to the upper, and that he made a bracket welded them in to the frame, and all is well. Anyone heard of this? Ned Foss, Albany NY..
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