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  1. This definitely helps! Very cool solution - Many thanks to you my friend
  2. @Kahunah That's an awesome solution.. Thanks for the feedback, would you mind posting a picture of that? Would also love to see your 41.. Thanks Danny
  3. After a great weekend at Viva #22, it's time to get back to this bad girl! Just a re-cap, the pedal assembly has been cleaned using my parts cleaner and fresh coat of paint. I installed the brake pedal and clutch pedal with the exception of the over center spring which will be address later Started mocking the plate which will attach the MC, from the instructions it says there should be three holes and might have to drill one but of course with my luck i had to drill two LOL.. I traced a template to get as accurate and leveled as possible... not gonna even pretend that was easy... it was a bitch but got it done so pretty happy with that. Tomorrow, I will double check everything and if all still looks good will move to forward to re-plumbing the brake lines.. that should be fun... I think (yikes!)
  4. After researching what MC would work best with my Chrysler and most importantly my skill level, I decided on the ECI's MC kit EC-441. This will be the next phase of my project... The first thing I did was to stare at the individual components for about 2 hours and then some more later... lol I read and read and re-read and re-read the instructions and then it started finally click. For the most part, I was pretty successful with the install of the bell crank and connecting rods. Where I came to a little snag is in regards to the clutch release over center spring connecting to the spring bracket. My thought is that I will need to some how raise the spring bracket with a 2" to 3" inch spacer and bolt.. In the meantime, I am taking pictures and sending them to ECI for a problem solving question. If anyone has encountered this issue please let me know what your solution... Below are some pictures of the installed components, noting is tighten down but so far everything lines up and seems to be moving in the right direction... As you can see in the final picture, the left side of the bell crank will interfere with the spring on the clutch.
  5. Oh thanks for the heads up Andy. I will look into that! Hopefully the shop manual shows a drawing..
  6. Pedal assembly and components are clean and ready once I get the MC.
  7. I started to prep for the new master cylinder which is to remove the pedal assembly and clean for the new MC. Not quite sure which MC will be installed but figured that while I do my homework, I can at least get things started here. Probably a good time to inspect the brake lines and see if they will require any new ones.. Below are some pictures of the pedal assembly removed from the Chrysler which will require a lot of wire brushing.. Anyway thought I share the status and will post pics of my process.
  8. Thanks for sharing and looks great! Wow really impressed that you did the up-grade in the 70's and looking new as ever!
  9. Oh man stay warm and will be looking forward to seeing your project move forward thanks
  10. Hi Andy’s, yes the caliper bracket bolts to top and bottom. The kit is from Rustyhope and so far very happy with. I did have to get the lowers holes on my arm and knuckles enlarged/tapped but that went smooth. below is a picture from Rustyhope website which you can see the bottom holes where it mounts with bolts. So what master cylinder did you did you use for your conversion? And was there any modifications other than a bracket used? thanks Danny
  11. Hi Dennis, I am actually going thru the same steps you took here.. My car is 1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe, and just wondering if you were able to install the MC with adapter? Do you have any pictures of the install? Thank you in advance for any insight. Danny
  12. Things have been a little slow here but still making progress... The front end is completely rebuild (I hope) and including all new tie rods.. Disk brakes (rotors and pads) are all installed and seem to have the proper clearance... Now time to focus on the master cylinder.. I did remove the stock MC from the car and have been staring at it (all I can do at this point LOL) I been searching here on the forum to find what has been used and worked the best for master cylinder upgrades... So far some say ECI works and other post have been a 180 degree... I will post a picture of the stock MC and upload here in a few.. Question to anyone with a 40 Chrysler Windsor Coupe, what master cylinder worked for you? Appreciate your insights friends
  13. As my front end rebuild is pretty much complete, I started mocking the front disc conversion. So far everything is looking like it will fit pretty good and no clearance issues as of yet. Before I move to far, I plan to also clean and replace the tie rods. Here are some pics of what was under years of mud and gunk.. lol As for the steering, not sure what is considered as to much play in the steering as this be a good time to get the box rebuild. In the meantime, I was able to remove and clean some parts.. Ran some parts thru my parts cleaner and after a fresh paint and rubber bushing, its looking almost good as new. One thing, I did not remove was the steering arm itself, for one because I am not quite sure how to remove and don't want to start banging away so need to do more research on how to remove the steering arm.
  14. @Bob Riding, My approach was to take apart inspect, clean and use solvent as you mentioned for all the parts., Also, as I took the components apart I used my judgement on what had excessive play mainly on all the bushings for both upper/lower control arm. If there was what I considered to much play, then I replaced. Definitely not the most accurate and best method but seemed to work for me. On the other hand, just about all the rubber seals on the suspension was in pretty bad shape as you can see from pics I posted, so in this case it made sense to replace all rubber seals with a kit since I had already taken apart for cleaning/painting. Now with all that said, please note that I don't turn wrenches for a living so should be noted that you might want to ask a professional and keep researching here on the forum topics.. a lot of good info. Hopefully that helps a little and please feel free to reach out as I am also learning as I go. All the best,
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