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  1. Morning, Is there a tool that I can use on the front side of the anchor bolt facing me to keep the bolt itself from turning as I unloosen the back side castlenut? I had no problem removing the short anchor bolt. However with the long bolt, I have gotten to the point that the bolt also turns when I try to unloosen the castlenut. I am going to try using vice grips to hold the bolt next. Let me know please what is the best route to take. Eddie
  2. Ken, Thank you for responding. I was thinking the same thing about using a long socket. I was not smart enough to bring my long sockets with me today (truck is in one state and the majority of my tools in another). I will bring my big sockets the next time.
  3. Greetings, Is there a special tip or tool I should be aware of to remove my brake light switch? My master cylinder is mounted on the frame under the cab. The brake light switch screws in on the back top portion of the MC. There is not a lot of room to get pliers on, or anything else due to the closeness of the switch to the MC's back portion. I have squirted on penetrating fluid. I could stand to be more patient in waiting for the fluid to do its thing. My guess is that there is a lot of rust in play here. I also have a little circular/remov
  4. Okay Todd, I will check this out when I return to where the truck is next Saturday. Thank you for responding.
  5. Hello, I apologize for bringing this up. I am embarrassed to say that I cannot trace the orange temperature sending wire from the back of my OEM gauge to the OEM sender. I lose the wire after I get to a certain point within the harness. I must be blind. I am planning to install some Autometer short sweep electrical gauges. I need to use the AutoMeter water sending unit in place of the OEM unit. Can someone tell me where I should be looking at please? Edward PS - I am still muddling over the battery relocation issue since I am planning
  6. I hear you Ken. Good points! Thanks for the response. Edward
  7. Okay, thanks to everyone that replied. I do like the idea of mounting on the driver's side firewall. I do need to be careful if i go that route regarding available space. I also have one of those ram man disk brake kits that will requires a master cylinder and booster. I plan to install that soon. So if driver's side space is an issue, I may need to consider the passenger side or that front fender option near the radiator support. Many thanks Edward
  8. Hello, I have a 57 Dodge D100 with a flathead 6. I am thinking about relocating the battery to the engine bay. Has anyone done so? I am curious to know what battery tray you used, where you mounted it to, and if possible, any pictures. Thanks ahead of time. Edward
  9. Greetings, I want to have a spare tire for my truck. I am going to get a universal mount and mount the spare in the bed. Right now I am using P275/60 R15 tires on all 4 wheels. After taking a tire off, I am not seeing any rim markings on the inside portion of the wheel. I assumed that was where I would see the markings. Or are the markings really on the portion of the wheel that the tire sits on? I planned to get a used wheel. Do I need to be super concerned about offset since this will just be a spare? And can I just get a 5 bolt 15 inch dodge wheel?
  10. Greetings All, Since I want to take my truck to Chrysler @ Carlisle this year, I need to fix my door lock problem. Right now the locks act as if they are working when you stick in and turn the key. But you can still open the door regardless. So I want to get that resolved before spending a weekend in Carlisle. My net searching has not produced anything yet that would show me how to install new locks and cylinders. Does anyone know of a source. Eddie
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