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  1. Cap is good rotor good I'm thinking it is low on compression after the oil got out the cylinders he put oil down the cylinders to get it to run
  2. we had good spark at the plugs I crossed them with a screwdriver I'm thinking that the rings are stuck from sitting for so long the old guy is trying to get it running so he can sell it it is a 1950 1/2 short box with a fluid drive he can not shift one of the linkage on the transmission
  3. never did it wet he had hard any when he started with it he put oil down the cylinder to get it to run I'm just trying to help him out it smokes a lot when it is running the ring could be stuck some truck sat at a old junk yard from 1968
  4. Just looked a the plates they say 1968 so it sat for a few years I jess is to tear into most likely the valves or rings from sitting who know why it was parked
  5. On the front two we had all the spark plugs out
  6. We check the comp and we got only 75 pounds the valves must be sticking
  7. The spark plug are wet the firing order is right all the cylinder are 100 to 115 the truck sat for 30 years
  8. the 50 dodge pickup missing on the two front cylinders has 110 comp and good spark tried couple spark plugs and the two front cylinder don't hit could it be the intake leaking around buy the head I'm lost on it thanks
  9. Yea some type of a auto might be a fluid drive all I know it has a long bellhousing
  10. 82206083 can anybody tell me what year the truck is thanks 1/2 ton short box with a auto thanks
  11. ok thanks so I'm getting this wright 3 window or a 5 window coupe
  12. Some one told the guy a 4 door would work but I told him I think that would not
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