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  1. Both my '48 and '49 B-1-F's have the 6.285:1 rear diff's. Gonna be slow going on the freeway, but boy those are some stump-pulling gears!
  2. The new tires I bought are heavy duty tires. The fronts are 8R22.5, basically semi tires, very heavy duty radials and solid 1-piece rims. They’re rated for 120 psi max. I don’t know if I’d want to run them below 100 psi. The back tires are 7.5x20’s with tubes on a combination of lock-ring rims and widow-makers. Tires are bias ply and rated for 110 psi. Although I was very careful mounting and inflating them, I didn’t give much thought to whether the original rims could handle today’s tire pressures. It’s a great point that I need to noodle on a little. I may take a little air out of the rears.
  3. Tires are 110 psig max. What do you guys run in your tires?
  4. Some real horror stories here. My '49 has (3) original rims with the split rings, and (1) true widowmaker split rim. I had a local place put new tires on the rims very recently and all went well, but the guy who did it was definitely wary of the widowmaker. He only filled it up with 40 psi at the shop and recommended that I use it for the inside tire of the dual tires in back, have it fully mounted with the other tire in front of it, and to then fill it up all the way to 100 psi. No problems at all with the tire, but it was definitely in the back of my mind. Whenever I'm going to take one of those tires off, I plan to take the air out of it before I remove the lug nuts and take it off the truck.
  5. Does anybody know how to identify the rear axle gear ratio/type on the medium duty 1.5 ton trucks? I've looked on the bottom/top of axle housing an differential carrier and didn't see anything. I scraped and wire brushed as much crud off as I could, but it's still pretty nasty, so I could have missed something. My trucks are 1948 & 1949 B-1-F's.
  6. I'm up for getting together, would like to see your project. Haven't done a ton with mine so far due to time constraints, but I have big ideas. Here's a picture of how somebody did the steering and engine on my parts truck. They basically pushed the engine up and back, but it still looks like it would have interfered with the steering a little. Not sure how they were planning to do the pedals either.
  7. Anybody know what model that middle truck is in the first picture? 2.5 ton? It's a big boy...
  8. I just noticed you are close to where I live. I'm in Nipomo.
  9. Most likely, it will be a parts truck for my 1949 B-1-F. The flat bed is a lot nicer than the one on mine. The seat, doors, frame reinforcements, glass, portions of cab, hood ornament, gauge cluster, steering wheel, etc. will also be great additions to my other truck. This one has a Chevy 350 engine and automatic tranny. With a little luck, I may be able to unload the engine and transmission to close to what I paid for the entire truck.
  10. Found the serial number...turns out it's a 1948 B-1-F or some other variant, 1.5 ton, built in the good old US of A. Not sure how to tell what the exact model is as the data plate on the driver's door pillar is missing, but not sure it really matters anyway. I may eventually try to get the build sheet for it to get more detail just for kicks.
  11. No, engine has been swapped out with a Chevy 350 😠
  12. Here's a picture of the latest addition to the family...enjoy.
  13. Don't have a title for the new one. Here's a picture of what I found on the driver's frame rail, just ahead of the front wheel. It's the exact same number as my other 1.5 ton truck has on it, so I don't believe it is a serial number or portion of one. It must be something else. There are no other numbers that I can find in that area.
  14. Hi all, I'm the proud owner of what I believe is a 1948/1949 B-1-F (twin of my other pilothouse). Somebody took the liberty of removing the data plate on the driver's side door pillar, but I do have the body tag (#4712133233) on it. Driver's side frame rail by front wheel has 3098 stamped into it. Can you guys help me trace down exactly what year, model, etc. this truck is? Thanks.
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