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  1. I wasnt at the sale, but i thought it brought a pretty good dollar.
  2. Put tranny in low gear, put a snipe on output yolk of trans and give it a pull, its been soaking long enough she'll prob break loose. Either that or the clutch will slip, if so, try a higher gear. (Low gear acts as a torque multiplier if you rotate the output shaft, you shouldnt have to pull very hard)
  3. Im still alive. I peek in here once in awhile, but ya, ive been busy. Crops are in the ground., but we are super dry, we really havent had a significant rain in 2 years. And barely any snow last winter. Ive tried every trick in the book. Last night we had light sprinkle, and i see i left the windows down on my truck, so maybe im on to something! I havent done anything with the fargo since spring hit, hopefully ill do a bit more when i get time.
  4. I've had to heat the stuck piston with a torch, and let cool. The expanding contracting sometimes helps break it loose.
  5. I was surprised I could do it also! The young guy that is my part time help recorded it with snap chat and then sent it to me. Pretty good quality, and it was only 1.4mb so I could upload it. Beautiful engine 59bisquik!
  6. If its not stuck too bad, you may be able to soak it and get it broke loose, clean up the bad cylinder(s) and run it. It would all depend on how bad it is, and what your final plan for the truck would be. Do you know when the last time it ran?
  7. Just a thought... when i pulled my engine and trans after the cab was on, i thought the easiest way was to take the front clip off, and slide it out the front. Well it was prob the easiest, but i still fought with getting that deep pan up and over the front cross member, while fighting the engine hitting the firewall. I would think yours would be similar. I got it out, but at one point i considered pulling the pan off for clearance. Next time i think I'd drop the trans out the bottom first, then pull engine, not both at the same time. Another thing, and i'm no expert on transmissions, i have succesfully rebuilt a 727, but my initial thought was that it sounds like a valvebody problem your having. It would be easy to pull it first and double check everything in it first? Edited to add: after rereading your post, the air pressure test is probably the best place to start, good luck! I hope it is something simple, and you don't have to tear the whole tranny apart again!
  8. It's 2.5" pipe. I just welded them on to the collectors on an angle. The hedman shorties kind of point at an angle towards the transmission so I temporarily wanted something that didn't make my oil pan black until I get around to making my exhaust. my pan has the dipstick on the pass side also. It has a ford style thread in dipstick. I got a flexible steel braided milodon dipstick, but it's a tight squeeze between the header and dipstick in one spot. the dipstick rests on the header where it comes out of the pan. But so far it hasn't been a problem. I think I did get both tires churning part way through the burnout.
  9. I'm 48 but sometimes the 20yr old shows up in my head! Haha! I don't think you'd have any trouble beating me in any kind of race 1/8 or the 1/4, just the sound of your truck would scare mine away! But, mine isn't short of tire smoking power for sure! It would be nice if I had a posi rear end though. I've been busy with other things lately but I do take the fargo for a rip one in a while. I've put maybe 25 miles on her. No problems have showed up yet, she runs good, shifts good, steers good. I haven't put a license plate on it yet so I don't stray too far from home. And exhaust system? What's that? Haha!
  10. https://www.rockauto.com/en/tools/body,weatherstrip Rockauto has a huge selection, just need to figure out which one works. Im in the same boat, i need pretty much all new seals
  11. Haha, the thought crossed my mind to be able to "use it if necessary" but I'm too old (and wise??) to get in that situation, i think....😁
  12. I mounted an air scribe on my plasma table to do the shifter plate. It works kinda ok, it sometimes quits and just drags, I mounted it on an air slide and it's hard to get the right down pressure set. I cut a brass knuckle shape out of 1/2" metal for the shifter, I think it suits the theme. The shaft is 1/2" square. It twists fairly easily without heat. I made a jig outta a couple cracked 1/2" drive sockets, just slip the shaft in, and turn the big nut.
  13. I'm glad you got it figured out! Simple fix! I rebuilt the 727 in my 71 satellite and I wasn't sure if I'd ever find where all the pieces went. I didn't have any leftovers and it worked, but I was a bit nervous at the initial startup. Have a safe romp around town!!
  14. It drives really nice. The solid engine mount is not a problem there is virtually no engine vibration. Even at an idle. It sounds like a beast since it's still open headers but cruising at 50mph there are no weird vibrations, surprising since I shortened my driveshaft myself! I thought for sure there'd be an imbalance in the shaft, but it seems good. It is too low obviously, good thing i don't have fresh paint on the front valance! She rubs now and then on the gravel road. If you punch it at 50 she'll break the tires loose(on gravel) but no shortage of power!
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