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  1. Took a coffee break and came back, looked over the situation and found the problem. I did not see the screw, that goes through the seal at the top of the vent window mission accomplished !!!
  2. My mission was to remove the vent window and take the whole assembly to the glass shop so they could replace the broken glass and install the new seals. So far I have removed the window regulator and carefully lowered the glass to the bottom of the door. I removed a small screw that went through the bottom of the vent window seal. Next I removed the nut that adjusted the spring tension that regulated the force needed to swing open. Upon closer inspection it looks like there are channels manufactured into the door frame at the top and below the vent window that prohibit the assembly from slid
  3. Well, I’m not sure if It would do you any good at all, but I do have a crank from a late year 1955, from a 259 poly.
  4. My mechanical knowledge is limited, which is the main reason I replaced the frozen up 259 V8 with a good running 315 V8. I kept everything 6volt which negated using some of the parts that where mounted to the 315. My curiosity is if any internal engine parts from the 259, like the crank, are interchangeable with other poly engines? Thanks scott
  5. All very good information, thank you. Now it looks as if a filler tube is used. Great information on this site!! I’m envious of all those tailgates hanging in your shop. I had a tough time trying to find a replacement tailgate that was in good shape and affordable. I’m happy, however, with my decision to put the time in and salvage the one on my truck.
  6. Thanks guy for the pictures. I agree, I think the center bracket simply covers the bottom tube (pipe) and nothing is cut out for the center bracket
  7. This winter I’ve been working on my tailgate. I’ve welded a piece of 1.25 steel tubing across the entire bottom length of the tailgate. The two outer hinge brackets fit inside the pipe and fasten to the bed’s side panels. That’s easy to figure out, however, the original bottom pipe has rusted away and we are trying to figure out the center bracket My welder friend and I disagree. He thinks that we should cut a 4 inch length out of the 1.25 pipe where the center hinge bracket would attach to the bed. Then he wants to slide a 10 inch piece of smaller diameter tubing inside the 1.25
  8. Thanks for all that info, I had to read it twice to let It all soak in. I even had to google MSD to learn what that is all about. This weekend I’ll take my truck for another drive and I’ll start checking the simple stuff
  9. I pulled the plugs from my donor motor in my 55 C-3-C. The donor motor is a 315 poly out of a 57 D-200. I was intrigued because the plug gap seemed wide. The plugs were Autolite 85 and were gapped at .040. I researched part stores to see what they recommended for my engine and all suppliers recommended Autolite 295 and everybody said to gap them at .035. So I thought why not try the 295 plugs and gap them at .035. The truck starts as well or maybe even better with the new plugs (which makes since), however, now when shifting from 1st to 2nd, I need to feather the gas pedal because it sput
  10. Thanks 59bisquik for the picture, that style of mirror would work on my truck. This is how the mounting area looks on my 55 late model c-3-c
  11. Thanks all for the info, I will check out the sources you mentioned
  12. This is the mirror that I pulled from the 54, but doesn’t fit my later 55
  13. Maybe my best bet is a junk yard trip and find me the glue on the windshield type of rear view mirror. I was hoping to find one that was vintage to the 50’s
  14. After enjoying a little weekend road time in my 55 pickup, I’ve decided that I missed not having a windshield mounted rear view mirror. So today, I headed to a neighbor who has an abandoned 54 dodge parts truck. The 54 had a wonderful mirror but I was surprised to find that the mirror won’t mount correctly on my late model 1955. Did dodge offer a rear view mirror on their 55 trucks? Thanks
  15. Excellent work, I’m always amazed at the ability and persistence of our members to bring these old trucks back to life. Thanks for sharing your pictures
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