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  1. Yah right Kirkwood...lol Tell this to George Asche. The 265 is king of torque and HP. Whaddya think there gonna spin 4500 + RPM all day long down the freeway...huh 201 218 as a choice? Complete with offset rods. You want power and highway cruising you go with a hopped up 230 or a 265. Not 201s and 218s.. and you select appropriate gearing via your trans or diff to accommodate a sane RPM for highway cruising. 265 and 3.73 diff with an overdrive trans lots of go and enough gear reduction to cruise all day at 70 to 75 mph if needed. Here check out this 265 revving no load to 5500 RPM, now it aint no driver car engine.
  2. In fact go visit George Asche in Fertigs Pa. He will educate you on this topic like no other.
  3. Here 265 powered 49 Plymouth.
  4. Your ? has already been answered the 265. Stock rated at 119 hp to 136hp. Use a hotter cam tri carbs and headers and maybe what 150 to 160 or so. It will be reliable HP as you stated.
  5. George Ache will tell you all Jets are getting scarce for these carbs Talk with George he can help you out with some real info. Hes 87 now and the clock is ticking, he is a real wealth of info and detail on this stuff.
  6. 46-48 Desoto most likely a 237 or 241
  7. 55 Fargo

    Fuel Milage

    Well maybe its no big deal to you. And maybe its not critical for the OP either. But for curiosity sake he asked the question. Others may or may not be interested for their own reasons. Its good general info and discussion.
  8. Hi Matt George just turned 87 and is being quite selective on who is getting an engine built by him these days. At his age he is very fortunate to be still doing what he does...
  9. Better yet Don. How about you and I meet up at Georges this spring? I would be happy to bet you any amount, so bring cash. We can both see how Georges and Tim cars will spin north of 6000 rpm. I will be there in May care to bet me on this?
  10. Its very clear why Tim Kingsbury and a number of others stay away from this Forum. Most likely time to lock this useless thread. Good rittens..
  11. Well its a race engine and no load. What kinda redline you gettin? Better yet Adam how bout a video if your flattie runnin. And not a HF clone engine running to 6 grand.
  12. Well here is 1 turning 5500 revving no load. But I guess it would take another 500 to impress you. I suggest you Call George Asche to discuss a 6 k RPM redline possibility.
  13. That settles it Greg pull off your dual intake and go to a 1 carb setup. Heck even better get a 2 bbl to 1bbl adapter and a Langdon carb. Geesh are you the new Devils advocate..lol
  14. This about says it all. Great tutorial on this topic.
  15. Greg part of the reason could be this. This is not pressurized fuel injection system. So yes atomized fuel enters the plenum and is drawn into the intake manifold. Which 2 cylinders do you think might receive the most or best balance? If you said cyls 3/4 give yourself a correct mark. Cyls 1,2 5,6 get there's too obviously but not as effecient as 3 and 4. The runners on a slant 6 very long and balanced supplying to 6 ports and with a puny 1 bbl very asthmatic. Different movie altogether compared to a siamesed flathead intake and ports. I dunno Greg do you think a1 bbl intake supplies fuel to all the cyls in an equal fashion? I sure dont believe so. I could be off my beliefs but dont think so. If a center carb feeding 3 siamesed ports were great we would all have 4bbl single carbs for more power and perf as you see a lot on hopped slant 6s..
  16. Hmm ive owned and driven a 218 cdn engine. Yes shorter stroke but still undersquare at 3 3/8 bore and 4.0625. A 265 will have much more torque and HP and it will be noticeably stronger even in stock form. The head on the 218 long block will have a much smaller CC. Because you would be using a 218 crank and rods your displacement would be higher than 218 as you now sre st 3 7/16 bore or larger with the 265 block. That in itself would increase the compression. You most likely can shave that head to attain an 8 to 1 comp ratio. How much would do it and be no issues with the valves or head gasket life I do not know..
  17. Interesting on the fuel pump location. I have never seen a rear mounted fuel pump ever. Something odd or rare for certain applications Sodium filled valves have not co.e across these yet either but they certainly were manufactured for heavy duty applications. Yes a head off a 218 228 or 250 will increase compression. All have to be long block versions though.
  18. Im not sure where you are doing your research. But on these engines with siamesed intake ports you are "full of misinformation " to say it nicely. A single carb is the least efficient method of fuel distribution with a design such as this. Cyls 3 and 4 run rich and cyls 1 and 6 much leaner. Now aint that fuel distribution efficiency? Oh its adequate, but its not more efficient at all. the most efficient is a carb for each intake port all 3 balanced to provide the best fuel distribution and atomization for each set of cylinders per port. Multi carbs good only at high speeds and WOT? I think you missed the boat on this. They are great in all ranges on this engine. Better fuel distribution to all 3 ports and much more efficient fuel atomization. No problem you can believe what you want, but the reality is quite the opposite of what you are claiming. I can go on much further to refute your claims and to demonstrate how a multi carb set up works more efficiently in all ranges, the benefits and the increased HP and fuel economy. However you would come up with some reason contrary, its quite evident you dont like multi carb setups and better exhaust flow for your own uninformed reasons. I believe others have also stated their responses in disagreement to your beliefs.
  19. Love it Norman but why are you driving on the wrong side of the road...lol
  20. You are so wrong on this notion, in most cases. Multi carbs better exhaust flow makes for better acceleration and for better fuel economy. Possibly can you share some data or experience for your opinion on this? You must have a reason to state this, please let us know..
  21. Hi Norman, I agree 100 %. Have any data or cross comparison on the upgrades you could elborate on. I do think its so relevant to tell all of those who think or believe its a " show" upgrade fir soundcand to look cool. Your car is on You Tube pulling a camper? Thanx for your post.
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