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  1. This famous old landmark in Winnipeg, located at the corner of Broadway and Main st and across from Union Station. This is a turn of the century Canadian National Railway Hotel, reputed to be full of ghosts, this is where many a guest or hotel employee have been frightened half to death. It's still in business and is a very old elegant hotel. Winnipeg has many haunted buildings, including the Walker Theatre, built in the 1880s, it was a Vaudville theatre for years, even Charlie Chaplin and Mary Pickford performed there. Winnipeg was a wild west town in the 1880s and 1890s, plenty of saloons gambling, and redlight districts...............Fred
  2. Very Strange occurrence, if your engine only has a small oil leak, that shouldn't be your problem, if someone was loaded up the 2 oil filler holes on the genny, I suppose that might do it, but that would be a lot of oil going in those to little filler holes. Is it possible you have an oil leak from the timing chain cover and it gets sprayed from the fan into the genny, But if your oil consumption and leakage is minimal that should not be the problem. Very strange, has anyone else on this forum experienced this before. Good Luck and I hope you find what caused this problem......Fred
  3. Allan, I can get you the entire intake and exhaust manifolds from a 1950 Plodge near where I live. In fact it's off the car already, the owner was asking $100.00, I am sure I could get it for $75. My parts car had the intake and exhaust manifolds removed a month or so before I picked it up, in fact the person who did this forgot to remove the 13th nut and proceeded to use a big prybar and broke the manifolds. Then he didn't send it along with the parts car, you could have had these for free. I am not too happy with this guy right now as I found a few more negative surprises once I got my parts car home. So I won't be taliking to him real soon if you know what I mean...........The Rock
  4. Thanx Merle, I know I would be welcome at this event if it happens. Was just trying to be funny, I have never felt not included on events posted on this forum, I know you US boys are sometimes not aware of what regions of Canada are the closest to your particular region in the USA. I have been through the region in Wisconsin many times in the past, will attend if possible with my schedule...............All the best Fred
  5. Hey Merle what about us members from the Midwest in Canada included, Manitoba borders Minnesota and North Dakota, we are definately in the neck of the woods so to speak.................Fred
  6. Hey Pat, good idea, could you imagine the look on the face of a Customs Officer when they looked inside of the car. But you know what they say if you can go 50 miles you should be able to go 500 miles. So far I have gone only 3 miles. Did I mention Pat, I have a 251 ci, fluid drive and M5 trans as well as a 3.54 diff. Hope to use these in my car someday, the engine is seized, it has a rebuild tag on it dated 1956 in Winnipeg. Wonder what the possibility of the trans and fluid drive being in useable condition. I still think I will put the car on the road with the present drivetrain, but will finish body , frontend/steering and interior first................Fred
  7. My place in Manitoba to Tulsa is 952 miles straight south on I 29, I could drive down in a day or so get together with some of you, watch the 57 Plymouth get exhumed or rescued it could still be alive. I could make 5 days out of this trip. Just wondering , do you think my Coca cola box I use for a seat in my 48 Chrysler might get uncomfortable...............Fred
  8. Hey now let me figure this out, I did not realize we this many members from north of the 49th parallel, now there is Phil.E, Pat S., Ian M.,Steve,Tim Frank,Alan Faust and myself the Centre of all this Rockwood. Good to see all of us Canucks on this forum eh!, wonder if there are any more. Yes it can get very cold in Southern Manitoba, as it is flat and windy here, so -24 celsius with a wind can be like -45 farenheit at times. We were really lucky last winter the whole month of January was like between -5 and +1 c or 20 to 34 farenheit, very mild for Manitoba in winter. This year is supposed to be El Nino, Alberta and Sask are supposed to be dry and warmer than usual, most of Manitoba and NW Ontario mild but above average precipitation, time will tell. We are supposed to get any where from 4 to 6 inches of snow here in the Red River Valley on Monday, along Lake Winnipeg it could be up to 8 inches of the fresh white stuff............Fred
  9. Here is a pic of the front of my garage last winter. The 48 never goes outside, the shop is always above freezing, just like to have agood mix of antifreeze in my engies, just in case.When I added a 1/2 gallon, I ran the engine and got it mixed up good with the antifreeze that was in the block, i just wanted to strengthen it.............Fred ps we have had -40 here but usually -32 is about the lowest, last year we had -25 only a few times, this is farenheit
  10. Hey RBBman, we can go up to 95 here in summer and 85 days are common, so summers here are warm but winters are cold. We are the coldest part of southern Canada, our weather is the same as Northern Minnesota and North Dakota. Other parts of Canada are much milder in winter, such as Vancouver BC, they probably have average days of 40 to 48 in January........Fred
  11. Darin, the machine screw size and type appears to be a #10 or #12, 5/8 of an inch long, has a cupped point or even a rounded point, and is a #3 or #4 Phillips. Hope this helps, you should be able to get replacments at any auto parts or what we have here is a few businesses specializing in only nuts and bolts...............Rockwood
  12. Darin, I will check my 47 Chrysler, as I have the windshield garnish off right now and will let you know............Fred
  13. Hi all, last spring I bought a rad from Tim Adams, it was out of a 47 Dodge I believe. I installed it into my 48 Chrysler, although I had to make wider tabs in order for it to mount, it ended up fitting okay. The Chrysler rad is wider and generally bigger. It works just fine and does not leak in the least bit. Today I had to drain out about a 1/2 gallon of antifreeze from the rad so I could add pure antifreeze to strengthen the stuff to -40. Although the car is in my insulated garage I want to be safe and not sorry, even when the heat is off my garage genrally will not drop below about 20 to 25 farenheit even on the coldest nights in January (-30 at times ).So I drained off some antifeeze and was pleasantly surprised not one drop of dirt, scale or crud came out with the anti-freeze. I am hoping my system is good and clean now, last winter I took out the Water dist tube and some of the freeze plugs and powerwashed the inside of the block as best I could. The thing is I now have the proper rad from a Chrysler for my car. I still have to inspect, flush and check it out before I use it, if it's not in good shape I will have it re-cored and then use it, as it fits properly and has a bigger capacity. So when I do this I will have this 1947 Dodge D24 rad available for somebody that may need it. It would be funny if I did send it back down south, as it is now in Central Canada and it came from Georgia......Fred
  14. Bob, kinda looks like my partscar, those back windows are worth a bit when in good shape and becoming hard to come by I would imagine......Fred
  15. Bob, kinda looks like my partscar, those back windows are worht a bit when in good shape and becoming hard to come by I would imagine......Fred
  16. Pat, what do you think that chances are my fluid drive and m5 trans from my parts car still work. Any idea what it may cost to ovehaul these............Fred
  17. 55 Fargo

    Test Pics

    Here is my test pic, using phoyobucket, is there a way to upload from my computer.............Fred
  18. Just going for a test cruise ............Fred
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