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  1. As said in the title I was wondering if the crank pulley has a lock washer on it. I sourced a 59 dodge car water pump so I had to change pulleys. I have the big crank bolt and thick flat washer. I also have a wavy looking washer that looks like it should go with the other parts.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I will try them out.
  3. I see that Rock auto has gaskets for my 59 230 for a good price has anyone ordered parts from them and if so what was your experience?
  4. Just looked thru the link on the build thread, now I see what I'm looking for. Looks like a very small lite mark. I had better get some better light so I can see. Thanks guys.
  5. I am putting a dropped water pump housing on my 230 which means I have to change the plate with the motor mounts on it. It looks like I need to remove the timing chain and gears to get the plate off. I wanted to roll the motor over and line up the timing marks but I dont see any on my motor. Am I missing something.
  6. This is the tailgate of the truck that is sticking out of the back side of my shop. My wife wanted a garden bench so I used a bunch of cast off parts to build it. It sits out side my shop.
  7. know this isnt a dodge but this is out the back side of my shop.
  8. Kool, we will get this stuff figured out!
  9. Thanks for the info. So am I correct here, I would need 1---59 car lowered water pump, 2--crank and water pump pulley, 3-- timing pointer?
  10. So its not a simple change the waterpump thing I see.
  11. We do have a car quest here I will have to check there. was this a late 50s pump?
  12. I'm striking out finding a late 50's 230 car water pump. My local napa doesnt have them, Andy Bernbaum says theres not enough demand for them for him to sell them. Any other options anyone can help me with?
  13. So I,m new to this mopar flat six thing. Can I go to my local NAPA store and find a waterpump?
  14. That is exactly what I need. The motor I have is a 1959 230 out of a cube van. So what is that waterpump?
  15. In building my single seat car using a 230 I need to lower the fan. Was there a double groove pulley and a fan carrier ever produced for a special application? Or has anyone ever done such a modification.
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