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    Getting the bug for old vintage dodge, “lord help me”
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    1958 Tucker 443 sno-cat & new to me a 48 B1-FA

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    I was born in the sixties and like restoring old vehicle's
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    Old Dodge trks

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  1. What about a bicycle or motorcycle bearing?
  2. Better yet! what’s the best time on a flat head six cylinder.
  3. What was the time on those drags? Back then
  4. Yes I have a number for a left hand spin. I we’ll need to go out to shop when I get home today I we’ll post a number for you, if this site allows it?
  5. I wonder if a bicycle steering brg is the same thing?
  6. I need to show this to the wife! 🛠
  7. Right on Tim would like to help with that, if I can.
  8. I have seen them on the old dodge tour busses like used on the yellow stone busses 🚌 all wood construction from the front window back even the doors
  9. Bigger the hammer the faster she comes apart!⚒
  10. How about the timing hole in the bell housings! that’s how they did it, back then.
  11. I we’ll take a stab at it “new proses 420” 4 speed the best way to tell is take a pic of bottom from the side it’s all about the drain plug angles
  12. Good let me know where you find a replacement one! I well need one as well
  13. Vic’s dodge garage is the way to go when it comes to the cab kits.💰that what u B saving for the right look!
  14. It is awesome, to see such different builds from dodge back then
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