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  1. Hi My 3rd gear has gone on my 49 Plymouth I have recently put a new clutch in it. I still have 1st and reveres 2nd can be difficult to get sometimes. Any ideas why? Was thinking it could be a selector broken? Also I have another gear box I could put in it but it’s out of a 58 fury would it fit?
  2. Hello I’m from the UK I have a 218 where is the best place to get 40 over piston rings and 30 over big end shells? Also where can I get harden valve seats plus valves? Thanks
  3. Hi dose anyone know where I can get new or polly bush motor mounts? Thanks mike (spud)
  4. Hi dose anyone know what the biggest big end shells I can get on a Plymouth 218? Thanks
  5. Thank you everyone for your advice i took the engine apart yesterday and found a lot wrong in the bottom end. John is that the engine in your looks very nice have you put an oil cooler on it to?
  6. Hello Im rebuilding my 1949 Plymouth special deluxe 218 where’s the best place to get the parts? dose anyone know what the biggest piston I can put in it? And dose anyone know of a supercharger for sale that would go on it? And any idea if I have to put in a decomp plate? Thanks
  7. Thank You all some much for your help I have got a good idea if i decide to make a kit or buy one thank you massive help
  8. Thanks I’ll see what I can make up from the pics you have sent and advice
  9. Thank you Adam what carbs are you using there and are they better then standard carbs?
  10. Thank you that would be a great help
  11. Hello dose anyone know where I can get dual carb linkage kit for a Plymouth 218? Thanks
  12. It’s just preference really what ever your happier with. I would say steel with the tank seal that you can get from frost restoration. I have used in a few things and It seal it all up from the inside. But it’s down to what ever your happier with really. Both prob as good as each other just think the steel one would be better
  13. The only problem with a plastic one is they crack but if you get a steel one you can put tank sealer in it and it will seal it up then you wouldn’t have a problem with rust.
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