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  1. MarkM

    New Member!

    Your car makes me remember terms I haven’t heard in a long time: nosed and decked, frenched headlights. Is the windshield divider removed? The striping is subtle and nice, as are the red wheels. I wonder how the wheel covers were created? Can’t wait for interior pics and a pic of the stance. What a beautiful car! Congrats.
  2. Thank you for fleshing out the holes in my understanding. I meant no disrespect. I apologize, also, to everyone, for posting references or links to places external to the site. Andy, best of luck with a solution.
  3. Here in California in the early ‘60s the ‘40 Ford coupe was THE car to have. Looking at Andy’s Dodge I just think it was so much better looking than the Ford. Dunno. Maybe it was because the Ford came with a V8, although by then the flatheads were being pulled to install SBCs. Maybe there were so many available. But the Dodge was better looking. To me. All the best, MarkM
  4. Andy, my brother’s car is a project at Gearhead Garage in Sacramento, CA. It is still there pending completion. He, my brother, did not do the work. Here’s a link to their contact us page with a phone number too. Mention Jim Morgan’s 1963 Fury. I hope they’ll help you. gearheadgarage.net/contact-us/ Good luck!
  5. Andy, My brother is restoring our family's 1963 Plymouth Fury. He's upgraded the 318 Poly with a 4-barrel manifold which I think is the one to which you refer: https:///cpwebstore.com/Exhaust/Manifolds Now, he's had the manifold since 2014 so his experience isn't equal to yours. However, the manifold was designed by Gary Pavlovich a knowledgeable Poly authority. My brother has been in contact with him and provided this email address: glpavlovich@cox.net Perhaps if you contact Gary he can provide help regarding your Weiand problems so you don't have to wait for the production problems to clear up. Best regards, and I always enjoy reading your posts MarkM
  6. Um, are you sure it’s not a ‘53?
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