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  1. a. Some sort of grease fitting? b. part of what someone repurposed to pull the water tube out in the past??
  2. Thanks Bob. I think one could actually make a replacement duct with this stuff. Use a good one as a buck to form it over, coat it inside and out with the rubber stuff. Also the under dash duct.
  3. So here it is before the final coat of flex seal. greg
  4. I tried using the moldable craft board "taskboard" recommended on another thread about repairing a heater duct to patch some cracks and a mouse hole in mine. I first cleaned and then sprayed my duct with aerosol rubber coating - the stuff hawked on TV. Then formed the patches with the damp board which was very easy to do even on an inside compound curve. Once the patch would sort of set to the curve, I coated both surfaces with rubber cement and applied the patch. I've now sprayed the patched areas again with the rubber spray. I used the rubber spray b/c I wanted it to be basically encapsulat
  5. To find the leak in my woodstove, i turned out the lights and used a small focusable flashlight. make the beam as narrow as you can. You might pour a little water down the carb at the same time?
  6. That doesn't look too bad. Looks like they had the tailgate down while towing a trailer? or does it swing open?
  7. Picked up the rebuilt 265 from George Asche yesterday afternoon. Stored it at the garage that will drop it in for me. I want to get the dash back in with new wiring first and maybe cover the front seat first too. Feels good to have this major step taken care of. Visiting George's place is always a treat. It's a bit overwhelming, everywhere you look are little gems in the maze of buildings on his property.
  8. ah, close, yeah i did the same. 327 in mine w/ overdrive.
  9. My Dad took the thermostat out of my Chevy II in the Summer when i was a kid in the 70s. He believed it would run better in the summer, he also replaced the coolant with pure water. Saying it would cool it better. No idea if it is true, Thermostats were often faulty in those days, i remember several failing.
  10. Is that a '59 Chevy pickup in the back? I have one too! Fleetside? Greg
  11. No, I haven't done that yet. I've looked around but only a cursory search. I have the build card from Chrysler, It says I have a taxi package which I guess means heavier springs and brakes? Not sure.
  12. Thanks DJ, b/c of the way I'm doing this the old engine i still in the car so measuring counting teeth is tough. Looks like it will be an issue for the future. Once the old engine is out and I can see what's what. It just dawned on me that the flywheel is attached to the fluid drive...so this ind flywheel is no good for me. Ha! [slaps forehead].
  13. Going to pick up my rebuilt engine at Esche's next week. A couple questions. My 1951 wagon has a gyromatic and a 251. The 265 i'm picking up was an industrial engine with a 12 volt starter. Will the flywheel from the industrial work with a 6 volt starter and will the flywheel work with the gyromatic? in other words do i need to swap my 251's flywheel onto the new engine.
  14. Sorry about the delay in posting the link to the instructional videos. This is one of many check out his other videos as well. I learned a lot from watching them.
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