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  1. Hello I have 1948 B1J dump truck and I have a miss under load and it seem to get worse as it warms up .New fuel filter ,coil, plugs points cap not that old .Seems like running out of fuel ??
  2. I have a 48 dodge dump 16,500 GVW looking to up grade axles . Has anyone done this or ideas? thank you for your help
  3. Hello i know there has been a lot of talk about rims or adapters . I have been checking around and not finding much ,but what i find is very pricey . So just asking what the options are again . I have 20x7.5 5 bolt 8 inch pattern .Oh and i heard from tire co. that the 19.5 tire is being discontinued .?????
  4. Hello i have a 48 dodge b1j loosing brake fluid and not seeing signs of it . It has vacuum booster . Any ideas ?????
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