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  1. I just read the title. I was hoping for a new liver...
  2. Went to the Retro Festival in Newbury at the weekend, and ran across this little gem from 1942...
  3. I used these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gripper-Clamps-for-Awning-Rail-to-Vehicle-Gutter-/292573633284?hash=item441ebf5b04 For the gutter clamps, I turned them around so they went together like spoons (if that makes sense), and beat them about a bit in the vise to get them to the right shape. Just took a bit of experimenting, as I was trying not to drill the gutter.
  4. Thanks, Andy! I'm still playing around with different types of bracket, and I need to make one for the top centre, so your photo is really helpful.
  5. Ah, so when I bought the car it had a couple of rusty mirrors, one with a bent arm. One was mounted low down, the other to the top of the door. Looked real odd, so I bought a nice new pair of 4" peep mirrors. Once I fitted them, I realised that while the driver's side was fine, it didn't matter where I put the other one, I couldn't see a damn thing in it. So the rusty one with the long, bent arm went back on, which left me with some spare mirrors. And the 4" ones give a really crappy view anyway, so I just bolted all four on... Ooops, replied to the wrong post...
  6. Ten bucks on Ebay? Looks like it should slot right in...
  7. Hmm, well the glovebox was a misshapen piece of cardboard held together with alumin(i)um strip and pop rivets, so that got junked, but I'm afraid I don't drink coffee. I think I could modify a sandwich toaster to fit, though...
  8. Hmmm, the seats are from a 1966 Mk II Daimler V8, some foam and a lot of homemade angle iron support framing. The visor is two Honda spoilers and a cupboard stay, the vacuum wipers are augmented with a pair of Audi A3 vacuum reservoirs, a one way valve and some aquarium tubing...
  9. OK, so personally I think a Fulton visor on one of these cars is as cool as. But a decent one on Ebay is around $600, and by the time I get that to the UK, pay shipping, import duty, taxes etc I'm up at around $850-900 and that's before I paint the thing! However, a 1998 Honda Civic hatchback has a rather useful sheet metal tailgate spoiler... So I bought two of them from a scrap yard, removed the plastic parts and the pressed steel liner (only held in with mastic and a couple of spot welds) and cut them to shape. Here's my lad showing that an electrician has no concept of what tools to use to deburr sheet metal after cutting it with a grinder (yes, that's the edge of a chisel): On the other hand, he did prove that he can weld very thin sheet metal with my cheap gasless MIG welder... Et voila! One homemade $60 visor!
  10. As all that electrickery has to get inside the switch somehow, I'd hazard a guess that 'I' is for 'Input'...
  11. On the other hand, we have one that runs: "Why do the Americans have their beer so cold? So you can tell the difference between beer and piss..." But I did also see a gravestone that read, "RIP J Lucas - father of the intermittent wiper."
  12. You'll build your own for a lot less money than a kit of parts will cost you. An original interior is likely to be hugely expensive, or just as shot as the one you've got.
  13. Thanks again, guys. I just took a look and as you can see there doesn't ever seem to have been an exterior trim strip. The rubber seems to have a metal strip inside it, and you can see the edges are all sorts of thicknesses where it feels like the metal has blistered and rusted slightly...
  14. Thanks for that, guys. My car has a metal trim strip on the inside, held on with four screws, but nothing on the outside. I guess I'll just have to take it easy...
  15. OK, so I am a cheapskate and I'm making my own visor, but I do have a question about mounting the things, generally... I had the front and back screen rubbers replaced a little while ago, and the new front rubbers just had a thick rubber molding in the center. The old one seems to have some kind of metal insert (not the chrome trim, but internally), as there is an interior trim strip screwed to the rubber. Does anyone know where in the rubber molding this is? I'd like to be able to screw a visor bracket to it, but I'm wary of putting a screw in and shattering the windscreen. By the same token, I'm a little unsure of a clamp-on solution, as I don't want to risk that compressing the rubber too much and allowing the bracket to touch the glass. Does anyone have any decent images that show the Fulton hardware and how that mounted, for example?
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