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  1. What is the number that's stamped on it? Is there one?
  2. I appreciate everyone's insight! I realize that 4-doors are not the most sought after market, so it would take longer to sell (if we decided to). We love the feel of this car - the vibe. I'm confident that we could get the brake situation figured out, just need to find more time! I'm excited about getting it to the point where it could be driven daily/weekly. Nothing makes me happier than running mundane errands a classic....because then it's not really mundane, is it? 😄 Thanks again for your feedback. Much appreciated!! Christine
  3. They are 15" and I plan on using the stock rims. 🙂
  4. Hi guys and gals! I need some help figuring out what my 47 Dodge would sell for as is. Believe me, I'm uncomfortable even writing this post! We don't want to sell, but we've got our hands full running two small businesses and being involved in other non automotive projects. I've had a difficult time trying to ascertain an appropriate value for this car. I was thinking initially 7500, but I think that might be on the high side. It is running and driving, but I have yet to tackle the brakes. It is in very good condition, but as with all 70 + year old cars, it could use a few things.
  5. It's been a hectic few days! Finally had time to take some measurements. Rims are 16" in diameter, tire treads are 6.5" wide, so I'm guessing the rims could be as narrow as 5.5"? Is that right? The designation on the tire says "H78 - 15 Tubeless". They are Broadway brand wide whites. How can they measure 16" in diameter, yet the tire says 15?
  6. until
    (Please remove if not allowed) This isn't a specific Dodge/Plymouth show, but I'd love to see some of you there! I've been the chairwoman of the show for the last 5 years. This year we are celebrating our 35th anniversary of the show! We have over 300 show up. It's a great setting on historic Main Street and the entire town is shut down for it. It's likely that my car won't be mobile by next Sunday, so I would be thrilled if you could share your beautiful cars with our town 😁 You can learn more at Facebook.com/milfordcarshow or at www.milfordcarshow.com. I
  7. At this point, it's not in my budget to purchase a set of wide whites. What is a good more affordable option? I'm even considering just throwing some used tires on here until I can got the correct ones. I just don't know what size I'd be looking for. Tried searching for the answer, but couldn't find it! Please note that I will not be driving on the highway with my temporary tires. Just want something that is a little less scary than what's on there. As of right now, the car doesn't even have brakes. But I hope to change that this week 🙂 The tires that are currently on i
  8. 👱‍♀️ @Jchaidez , congrats on the car! It's an exciting, scary feeling to be embarking on a new project. But it's an adventure that is made so much easier by this forum! I'm just reading through your posts and I'm so impressed by how helpful everyone is here. I'm also a new '47 Dodge owner. This being my first 40s car, I have a lot of questions! I never hesitate to ask the group, because I know but even if they have different answers, everyone is helpful and respectful. Personally, I try to keep cars in as close to "survivor condition" as possible. If it were me, I'd be pulling
  9. Got it running, now it's moving...now I just need to work on the "stopping" part! 😃 Spent the afternoon cleaning the interior and removing most of the hard water stains on the driver's side. Here's a final pic for this thread and them I'm off to research the brakes!!
  10. It's running!!!!! I taped up any areas I saw broken insulation on the wires, cleaned connections that looked suspect, put a little starting fluid in and it fired up after a few tries! I couldn't have been more shocked LOL. Some adjustments to the choke and throttle kept it running on its own. I need to look at the starter because it did slip a couple of times. I noticed that it also feels a little loose as I was wiping grime off of it. The motor itself sounds great, which was a huge relief. I spent enough time turning it over by hand, lubricating the cylinders, and mak
  11. John, thanks for sharing that!! Aside from the rear quarter window being incorporated in the door, are there other differences? Is there more space for rear seat passengers? Were certain options part of that trim? So cool to learn about 😊
  12. Found this wire in poor shape and will replace. The other wire's covering appears intact. Grateful that I have all day to work on the car! ☕ Let the fun begin! 😃
  13. I'll make sure I check the jumper wire, as well as the power to the coil. Couldn't find my tester light....and my electric tester/multimeter had a dead battery. Go figure. 🙄
  14. I would love to see a side-by-side breakdown of what distinguishes a Town Sedan from a regular Custom! As for the radio, I am not sure. I will take a closer look! I'll be working on it all day tomorrow 🙂
  15. UPDATE: Replaced the points, condenser, and rotor yesterday, but still have to re-install distributor on car. (Type IGS) I noticed that the point gap was VERY large...certainly not the .020 it's supposed to be. I couldn't course a cap locally, so i made sure to clean the contacts well. I'm hoping that i at least get SOME spark now. Of course, it's raining now....so that will have to wait until this afternoon!
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