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    1947 Plymouth 2dr Sedan. This is my daily driver.

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    I grew up in SE Portland Or. lived and went to collage in Reno back in the 70s. Back in Portland in.
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    Semi truck driver


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    Vancouver Wa.
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    Professional musician, RC airplane pilot, cars.

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  1. Wow, Adams, you are the king aren’t you.
  2. THAT LOOKS GREAT. Best advice was already given. Do what you want to do. 12v?👍👍. Things will work and the kits are straight forward. My name is Doug, give me a call anytime if you want to yap about stuff. 503-318-9137.
  3. I was able to find a guy near me that did my wood grain with Hydrographics. Dash and all frames for about 600$ with a satin clear coat
  4. It was a lot of doe but I’m glad I went this direction. Thanks
  5. Well the start up of the firedome went well. It’s alive. Some valve adjusting and body reassemble and she should be back on the road in a couple of weeks. This pic is where the engine started when I bought it.
  6. Looks great underneath. Thanks for the invite but will be working and then home to keep moving forward on the car. I’ll be firing up the engine in a couple of hours. 🤞🏻
  7. I was fortunate to find a very affordable and caring exhaust guy. He’s a one man shop here in Vancouver.
  8. I have a couple that are just ok. Home made bracket and had to take a divot out of the oil pan so it wouldn’t be to low. Still using half of the original steering column so I could keep the steering wheel. Might have lost a little turning radius but I don’t care.
  9. Hello folks, been gone for awhile. Busy winter on the Sedan. Gonna fire it up tomorrow. Engine is backed by a Borg Warner 5sp. Dodge Omni manual steering rack. Turns nice. The goal is making a cruise in to Ellensberg Wa in a month.
  10. One more update. I received the door panels yesterday. All holes are cut beautifully. Very much worth the money.
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