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  1. Thanks all for the answers! As DodgeB4ya claims the trim rings more or less covers the wheels completely. On my car you can see a narrow stripe of the black wheel, and I think I will stick to the black paint.
  2. What is the correct color on the wheels of a '48 Chrysler New Yorker? Mine is black on a car with exterior color Sumac Red, but should they body color?
  3. Thanks all for infomative advice! I understand I just need to be more patient, and use the procedure of gas pedal to the floor. Still, during winter I will check all components in the fuelsystem (pump, filter, carb) and also the ignition system. I already changed the battery. Ole
  4. My 48 Chrysler New Yorker conv. is hard to start when not beeing started for several days. I have to run the starter for a long time before it starts up. When started recently it starts up really easy, and also runs very nice and stable. I have replace the choke, but it made no difference. When starting I press the pedal to the floor once, and then run the starter. Is this the right procedure? Any input for where to start troubleshooting is appreciated!
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