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  1. Nice, the one in the brochure is the one on my truck. Thanks
  2. I have a 1950 pilothouse and it has a grill guard. I can’t find any online with a grill/brush guard. Was this a factory option in 50?
  3. I’m building a 218 for my truck. I want to run dual carbs and headers. Any recommendations on where I can get a cam, valves, and lifters? I read once about using some stainless Chevy valves?
  4. If you put mustang wheels on do you have to swap from bolts to studs?
  5. What about a Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee frame? Would that work to make a 4x4?
  6. Ok that’s what I’ll do. What size drill bit did you use?
  7. Thanks! I’ll give that a try. It’s mustang gt wheels so ford studs should work
  8. Would regular bolts from the back of the drum work?
  9. I bought a set of wheels for my 50 truck. I originally had the factory steel wheels with the bolts instead of studs. How do you swap from bolts to studs since the hole is threaded?
  10. Trying to pull the engine on a 1950 dodge truck. Found the two front mounts. Where are the other mounts to pull the engine?
  11. I’ve already ordered a dual carb intake. No it won’t ever run with a v8 but it will still look cool with the hot rod parts Lol
  12. My truck runs good. Just wanting to put a few upgrades to make it look and sound better
  13. I was looking into getting my cam reground and possibly shaving the head on my 218. Little more compression and better sound. Would I have to change anything else in the motor if I did this? Lifters, valves, anything? Still learning as I go
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