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  1. Wow, that is some fancy paint job. Talk about yer mirror finish. Now get after those wide whites!
  2. Arvin, a popular dealer installed accessory.
  3. In my case, it started and ran fantastic, but terrible stumbling with the clutch out and stepping into the gas. Had a blast rebuilding the carb - so easy and fun because it made me feel like a real mechanic that afternoon 😌 End result was the hesitation was completely gone. If anyone needs to rebuild the carb, do it in the kitchen when your wife is out 🀣
  4. I'm stuck at: " ...remove the stop screws in the glass lower channel and unhook the window lift rollers from the glass lower channel". I don't see no stinkin' screws! Am I blind?
  5. Rifle Colorado, been there! The view is to the north, and part of the Grand Hogback is seen in the distance. Date: 24 March 2017. Photo by Jeffrey Beall The city of Rifle gets its name from a local story, that a trapper had once left his rifle along a creek in the region; from then on, the city has been known as Rifle. See if you can spot your truck?!
  6. Those must be formed plastic vs. vinyl covered board, right?
  7. Thanks Mark. Sounds fun. Bought the epoxy putty on Amazon. Can't wait to get started.
  8. Fill the cracks? What how did you accomplish that?
  9. Great tip and video. For others the video is here > I looked at a lot of door seals today trying to figure how to glue them on and still just winged it. Masking tape works great at holding them in place while the glue dries. I only did the driver's side so I'll get another chance if I did 'em backwards.
  10. Had Fort Collin's oldest glass shop, Blacks Glass, use my original windshield plates for templates and provided me with perfect matching new glass pieces. With my wife and son in the cab holding the glass and rubber up to the cab cutout, I managed to use the rope trick to pull the rubber seal over the outside flange. The rope was going to tear my seal in the corners so I used a plastic piece to coax it along. with new glass I am no longer blinded when driving into a sunrise or sunset. That old glass was so pitted it made for blinding glare when facing into the sun, or headlights on the highway. Also nice was getting the trim pieces cleaned up and repainted. Finally getting around to replacing the various rubber bits 'n strips. I found a box of rubber trim pieces on Facebook Marketplace for $200. Negotiated down to $100 ☺️ I was told they should fit a '50 Dodge truck. Also in the box was a new floormat and pad. The floormat was a perfect fit. There also were two rubber pads that fit the toor handles, what looks like rear and corner window seals, window channels et. One long rubber strip looks to be suitable for the door opening in the cab so that will go on next. Notice last owner resprayed onto the door rubber, along with other rubbers here and there.
  11. I thought split rings were widow makers?
  12. The saying goes; Old fishermen never die, they just get a new peterbuilt!
  13. Great find. Very impressive. Looks to have been well maintained.
  14. I bought off the shelf at Napa for my B2B. Cheap and easy. Bothers ends fit perfectly t. It is tad longer than stock, but works fine.
  15. I wish you lived next door to me 😁
  16. I paid $175 last week for left and right windshield pieces. Now shopping for rope.
  17. C'mon guys, has anybody seen the interior. It could have diamond pleated upholstery.that ties it all together πŸ₯΄
  18. Impressive. You may inspire me. I'd agree with you on the side pieces.
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