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    Im a man that lovesGod and turbo mopars
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  1. Hello, I'm building a twin turbo 318 53 Plymouth and need to know if I need to change from those single key way axles and how strong the actual rear ends are?
  2. I see the rear ends have a key way and I'm doing a twin turbo 318, wanted to see how strong these things were or if I should replace the axles?
  3. Im trying to locate the quickest way to get rear pistons for the drum brakes as my brakes are locked up
  4. Thx so very much. You know where i can find them easy
  5. Hello, Does anyone know what size a spindle nut is for a 53 belvedere cranbrook two door? Got a disc brakes put on wirh a 72 dart i believe and brakes from a mustang gt. Please let me know what size spindle nut is. I know the bearing is 3/4 of an inch id but im trying to get a new axle nut. If you know thread pattern pleas let me know
  6. What product did you use to do yours and make it easier
  7. My problem is I bought a spacer from different doctor, want to be able to use it
  8. You still have to buy a ton of other parts though right?
  9. Does anyone know if a disc spindle from a 53 belvedere is the same as a b body spindle for disc brakes???
  10. Is there 53 spindle the same as the disc brake spindle for a 70-72 b body
  11. Has anyone of you ever put Volare rotors and hub on a 53 belvedere or similar car with 1 1/4 inner bearing and .75 outer?
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