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  1. My friend came over and we got it running, turns out the distributor needed turned a bit more and it fired right up.
  2. Haha I’ll have to try that, it’ll save me the headache of trying to find someone else to help me.
  3. Ive used so starter fluid and it didn’t seem to help much, I’m thinking it might be a timing issue, but it’s hard for me to check all that by myself since I have to be in the cab to crank it over. Hopefully I can get a buddy of mine to swing by and help me out.
  4. https://www.carburetor-parts.com/Replacement-Carburetor-for-Rochester-B_p_4411.html That’s the carburetor I bought Also I’m cranking with a 12v is that not enough in of itself?
  5. I tried moving them over 1 space in each direction. Clockwise it makes a flame shoot out the exhaust manifold, and counter clockwise it makes the engine difficult to crank over so I’m back to square one.
  6. Thanks guys I’ll go check and see if that’s the problem.
  7. Hey guys, I recently rebuilt my 230 engine, and by rebuilt I mean freshly machined block, new pistons, rings, valves, etc... I’ve been trying to start it for the first time and cannot get it to run. It will hit as it’s cranking over and smoke comes out the exhaust, but it just won’t start up. I thought maybe it was a vacuum leak in the carburetor because it would leak fuel between some of the gaskets when the engine cranked, so I just put a new universal carb on it and still no good. Really any help would be appreciated, I live 3 hours away from this truck so I’m trying to work on it while I’m home during the holidays so I’d love to get this figured out quickly. Thank you all.
  8. Out of curiosity, if all else fails with the carb, have any of you ever tried one of these universal ones? https://www.carburetor-parts.com/Replacement-Carburetor-for-Rochester-B_p_4411.html
  9. I stretched the spring on the accelerator pump, so now is squirts fuel when I hit the throttle. It’s still not firing up though, it’ll hit while it’s being turned over, but once I let off the starter it quits. I’m sure most if not all of my problem is the carburetor, but I’m wondering if something is going on as well.
  10. Yeah it’s not idling at all right now, like I mentioned earlier it only runs when I either spray starter fluid down it or squirt gas. I’d like to figure it out quickly, unfortunately I live in a completely different state than where the truck is, so it’s usually a week or two before I can come back to mess with it.
  11. If I push down on the piston pump with my finger, it shoots a healthy mist of fuel down the venturi. Is the pump lifter supposed to grab onto something to push the piston down? There’s just the cup and spring under it, I’m kinda wondering if the spring is just worn to the point it’s too soft to push it down.
  12. The linkage is hooked up, whenever the throttle is engaged the piston pump spring will move down, but the piston doesn’t move at all.
  13. Hey folks, it’s been a while since I posted anything on here, but I finally got my freshly rebuilt 230 to fire up. However it’s only if I use starting fluid or manually squirt gas down the carb. The carburetor is a carter bb single barrel like what the truck would’ve had, I took the top off of it and noticed the the accelerator pump isn’t pushing down whenever throttle is given. I played around with the adjustment and still nothing. Also the carb is leaking at the gasket between the float housing and the cast iron part of the carb.
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