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  1. Any idea why the video doesn't work anymore????? Thanks Steve
  2. Understand 100%.... But why does the book say hook timing light to #6 cylinder???? Asked my engine builder and he said absolutely not hook to number 1 cylinder
  3. I guess I still don't understand the search function,I tried "timing" " engine timing" couldn't find anything....Need instructions on timing my rebuilt 218, service book is very generic as how to do it .....Thanks
  4. Any sources out there for our door latches???? Pulled our regulators and door latches out and the driver's side latch is completely toast ......had a screen door spring holding it together....Thanks as always...Steve
  5. THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE GUYS !!¡ Info will definitely help today .......
  6. Does anyone have a picture of how the intake studs go in ???? I'm at the can n trying to reinstall the intake and forgot my picture at home of the placement of the lock bolts and nuts ....Thanks
  7. Wow I've been slacking for a while ....oh well back at it ....
  8. And all I wanted was a measurement so I could take to measuring mine LOL .....very interesting that Dodge never published the stock size of the Rod Journels....I figured someone would look in a book and answer....But Very interesting responses that's for sure...... Thanks Guys ........
  9. So in actuality the factory had no clearance on the rod journals....I listened what the book said was bearing size ....and your telling me the journals we're the same size ..... Thanks for the quick response........Steve
  10. Thanks,No asking what the actual crank journal size is.....not the end of the rod..... Thanks steve
  11. Out of the several Dodge b series manuals I have no where does it list the stock rod journal size....they give bearing size as 2 1/16 which is 2.0625 but not what size stock journals are.... Thanks Steve.....
  12. Here is a pic of the only fittings I could make work with -4 lines .....a -4 to 1/8 45 degree in the lower port ....and a 1/8 machined 90 degree street elbow with a -4 to 1/8 straight fitting.....All other options didn't work ,I bought a number of fittings thinking they would work to no avail........Steve
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