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  1. Has anyone found Correct spring perches to use when installing a new rear end ???? Thanks Steve
  2. Sorry if it seems i hijacked this post..Just trying to sort things out.....OK went to local junk yard they have two dana 44's in stock,One with 3.73 ration and one with 3.55 ratio....this is where i don't have any knowledge on the matter ,I retro fitted a new world T5 trany into my truck, I don't know which ratio to choose ....Anything will be better than the stock 4.10 ratio ....they want $300 for complete rear end including disc brake set-ups..... does that seem about the correct price ?????? Thanks Steve...
  3. Thanks for this great thread and great deal of Info,I'm about to start a rear end swamp on my 50 B2b and i am loving the info here,Boy in the pic of these two sitting there it doesn't look like the Dana 44 is 2 1/4 inches shorter...Nice job on cleaning up the axle tubes....Steve
  4. I really really appreciate the responses.... Thanks...A searching i will go .....Steve
  5. So i want the 5 on 4.5 correct??? my truck is in the shop up north at the cabin so I cant go out and measure it ...Thanks
  6. yes Jeep ....this will be my first attempt at doing something like this ,Trying to find the closest possible match ......Thanks Steve
  7. Ok so I just went to our local junk yard to try and find a rear end ......... used the listings i found here and the only thing they could tell me is they had a Spicer 35 or a spicer 44 out of a Cherokee..... I guess i'm looking for advise please ....Thanks Steve
  8. Ok Guys looking for any info on what the best replacement rear end is to use in my 1950 B2b ...Least amount of work to do ...Thanks Steve
  9. Ok went to napa ....that thm155 is just the gasket and thermostat with no adapter ring ????? Where do I find the adapter ring?????? Thanks Stwve
  10. Do u have the part numbers from napa ????? That's exactly what I need...thanks steve
  11. Ed,what speedo cable did u use between the T5 and stock speedometer???? Thanks Steve
  12. May. I ask what u used for a speedo cable ????? I did the T5 conversion but don't know what speedo cable to use ....Thanks Steve
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