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  1. Looks like that Nash in the intersection just got rear-ended! Maybe they are pushing it............
  2. That is Joe Bailon's "Miss Elegance". It's a 1941 Chevy he built in the early 50's.
  3. Jim, I'll have to see. It's been awhile since I have driven it and I don't remember off hand.
  4. Nicer to have now that I know it's factory! Are these that rare?
  5. There was some discussion in another post about the Plymouth signal indicators. I took a photo of the one on my car. I was hoping if you guys could tell me if this was a factory set-up or if it is aftermarket. The signal housing on the column has a bakelite cover and knob that is a pretty close match to the dash knobs. I never really thought about this being factory, I just assumed it was aftermarket. What's the verdict?
  6. I will take pictures of the one in my Plymouth tonight. I believe it is factory. I am sure you guys can tell me if it is.
  7. Neat car! Is the glove box door chrome? It kind of looks like it in that interior shot you posted.
  8. I too am quilty of lurking a whole lot more than posting, because I don't know much as far as technical stuff. I am pretty sure I have found the answer to almost every issue I've had with my Plymouth here though. And have gotten some great help from the forum. Like others have said, I haven't done much with the car over the winter. I am looking forward to spring and getting out to more events with it. Thank you for the oppurtunity to participate in this fantastic board. I will try to take part more often.
  9. LuckyDevil check this out. http://www.relicsandrods.com/Cities/OklahomaCity.htm Don't know how hard they would be to find, but they do exist. For any one else who's interested here's the link to a list (with photos) that is sorted by cities. http://www.relicsandrods.com/carclubplaques.htm
  10. Thanks for the tip Ed. Is there some way to verify that? The thought of taking it apart doesn't really thrill me. But then again if I can get the horns to work, that may thrill me more. Jim, I believe I can figure that out. The manual I have shows a pretty good exploded view of the horn button assy. Thanks for your help.
  11. When I bought my P15 the horns were disconnected. I hooked the wires up and they blew continously. I figured it was the relay. I bought a replacement 6 volt relay but it only has three posts, the one on my car has four. I purchased a NOS Mopar relay on ebay and installed it Sunday. I disconnected each wire and made the connections to the same post on the new one. Hooked the horns up and they still blow constant. Could this relay be bad also? Is it possible that the wires are not connected correctly? I have the manual, but it doesn't help much with the wiring.
  12. After reviewing most of the oil filter posts on the site, I was glad to know that these were available. I picked one up at Napa and went about changing the oil in my P15. Here's my question to those of you who use the 1080; Is the filter a little smaller than the housing? The reason I ask is the filter that was in there was almost as big around as the housing and the top was almost flush. The 1080 is a little shorter and not quite as big around. I don't think there is any problem, but sometimes I get overly concerned about these things. Can someone ease my mind?
  13. Apparently I worded something wrong. I have NO intention of ditching the L6, just hopping it up. I have the headers, intake and two carbs to go on, but haven't got to it yet. What I meant was for now the motor is stock, eventually it will get hopped up some. Cpt. Fred, yep I put 3" blocks on it. They came from Rod & Custom Supply, but I've since found out they no longer have them. The blocks to fit the stock springs are narrower than the readily available blocks. I thought I had wanted mine a little lower in the rear as well, but I don't mind it's current stance. It's lowered, but still driveable; especially now that I live on a dirt road!
  14. I've been surfing here for awhile. Don't remember how I happened onto this site, but I'm sure it was while looking for information! I have found this site to be a very valuable reference, the knowledge here is beyond compare. I am in Kansas, and work for an aircraft company. Got the car out over the weekend to clean it up some and took a couple pics. It's a 1948 Plymouth sedan I bought from the original owner's nephew. It now has 56352 miles on it. Back when I got it, I lowered the rear 3" and put on the www's, flipper caps and spotlights (dummys). Drivetrain is stock right now, I have an Offenhauser dual intake, a second Carter B&B to go on eventually. Also have a set of Langdon's headers like the ones Blueskies has on his coupe. It still has the factory paint and upholstery. Oh and it's name "Black Widow"; comes from the ancient water-slide decals a buddy of mine gave me. I thought they were fitting. Take a look and let me know what you think of it.
  15. Norm, I've seen them at various swap meets and have always been impressed with the amount of hard-to-find performance parts they have. Here's a link to their site as well; http://marketplaceadvisor.channeladvisor.com/StoreFrontProfiles/default.aspx?sfid=78392 By the way, I'm NOT connected to them either. I just thought that there may be even more listed on his site than what he has on eBay.
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