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  1. The seal that came with the gasket set is not even long enough to do what appears to be a proper install. There is not enough to touch on each side much less extra to cut off. i am just going to order a set of the graphTite rope. my oil pan situation is sad. The one pan I have in “decent shape” is not that good, and is not square so would be why the PO used so much silicone trying to get it to stop leaking. My other pan is an original 35, it is square to the block.... but lots of pin holes and some dents. i have some time to try and either find another or fix this one. I would like to fix the 35 so that its an original part. Hard to find all these original parts but slowly making progress. found an original 35 distributor recently and looks like its going to work out real nice!! thanks for the help
  2. Finally getting ready to put my engine back together. is there a better brand for the rope seal? I got a fel pro kit from the machine shop, but have read that the best gaskets Seem to be better. i dont care to put in the fel pro just to have to take it out because it leaks or whatever and replace it with the best gasket brand? the other option I was not sure about, can you drill and tap the block/ main cap and convert to a rubber main gasket? thanks!
  3. Thanks Jerry, I now have a parts book on the way. I bought a factory repair manual, but it does not have the detail I wish it did.
  4. Working on restoring my 1935 Dodge KC, I am now to the point of trying to get the rear leaf springs back under the frame. I ordered replacement shackle and bushings (but no one seems to know what the actual part number for a 1935 truck is). The replacement bushings seem to be just ever so slightly bigger and I cannot get them to seat in the hole on the frame as they should. Has anyone else replaced these? If so how hard was it to get them in and seated? I found some NOS bushings on eBay (part number 939716) I was thinking about buying and just re-using my original shackles... my shackles look ok, its the bushings that are shot. But I don't know if the part number is right for it or not. I am also trying to figure out the front bushing. my bolt is extremely worn, guessing from either a worn bushing or an incorrect bushing. Been trying to find a parts manual for my truck, but no luck yet. thanks in advance for any help I can get.
  5. It looks nice from afar, but has lots of issues. i already tore it down to the frame and powder coated the frame, got a new wire harness and starting to get it back together. have to get an engine and rebuild it and my front fenders are almost beyond repair. But its coming along!!
  6. the hood ordinate is not the original one. It is the short box (KC) not the long box (KCL) This is a Pic of a 2nd series, notice the windshield is different and the door hinges are lower on the door. The build sheet is also attached, but does not say what plant it was made at.
  7. I have a 1935 Dodge KC truck I am working to restore, and I came across something that I can't figure out. I have the build sheet from Dodge, so I know the frame and the cab are the factory original parts. All the research I have done shows there are 2 style KC's in 1935. The early style used the 34 cab and had suicide doors. The later style had a new cab and had "normal" doors. I just noticed that my cab is most defiantly a 34 style cab, the windshield is not curved around the bottom edge and it does not have an all metal roof on the cab. But I do not have suicide doors. Even the placement of my door hinges are not the same as any other 35 KC I have seen online. So my question is what do I have? Did someone mess with my doors? Did Dodge make a few 34 style cab trucks without suicide doors? Any thoughts or suggestions for a direction to go would be greatly appreciated.
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