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    Blue got a reaction from Al Peterson in Four speed transmission parts   
    Nice and clean. That will good in your truck. That year is synch, correct?
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    Blue got a reaction from Al Peterson in Four speed transmission parts   
    Nice and clean. That will good in your truck. That year is synch, correct?
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    Blue reacted to Paintman27 in Howdy! New member here with a retirement project   
    Oh here's a pic of the Chevy I just finished. It has a super tricked out 292 straight six with a 700r4 trans.

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    Blue reacted to Radarsonwheels in Saw a great dodge in the wild tonite   
    My band is playing a show in Ardmore PA tonite at the Rusty Nail on haverford road. There’s a cool truck parked next door in front of a repair shop. I’m not sure when dodge actually started making 4wd power wagons but this thing is super clean. It looks like an older restoration- the wood bed is getting real rough- but no rust and good paint. 
    Just thought I’d share- love seeing these out in the world vs hidden away or at a car show

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    Blue reacted to jpwuertz in Dodges are ready for summer   
    I got the Dodges ready for the Minnesota summer season.  The B3B started right up and was ready to go.  The brakes were a bit sticky after setting all winter but after warming them up they are OK.         The 1969 Dodge Dart Swinger is all original, except for the rims, and also started right up. It has a 318 engine.  This was my  aunt's car who lived in CA and therefor it has no rust.

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    Blue reacted to BigDaddyO in Dodge Route Van   
    Dunno if anyone is interested in this, I found it so.
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    Blue reacted to wayfarer in thoughts on 3:07 gears?   
    Play with this online calculator and see what you get....  http://ctny.audiworld.com/mark/s4/gears/gear_calc.html
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    Blue reacted to Dodgeb4ya in 1954 1955 1956 Big Dodge 10 Wheel Trucks   
    413's only came in the 4 ton  "Y" series Dodge trucks....and where more powerful than the original engines in the early M35 gas engines. 

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    Blue reacted to Jeff Balazs in Man are these old trucks tough!   
    Pouring down rain this morning. Flood watch in effect. Headed to the shop in the dark when out of nowhere a huge fallen pine tree is hanging into my lane. At 45 mph it hit the roof on the passenger side near the corner of the windshield. Was expecting broken glass and significant damage. Nada.....zip....nothing. Not even a scratch. Got to love that old Detroit Iron. I am positive an impact like this would have messed up a newer truck. And yet the only evidence is a few pine needles. And an elevated heartbeat..... Old Pilothouse trucks RULE!
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    Blue got a reaction from pflaming in 1954 1955 1956 Big Dodge 10 Wheel Trucks   
    Hey Charlie, do you mean a "deuce and a half"?

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    Blue got a reaction from Frank Elder in 1953 Dodge - What have I got into   
    I don't know if you have seen this series. I love these old videos.
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    Blue got a reaction from Brent B3B in "Farmer fixes"   
    Hey Brent, what did you expect? the ad said custom interior.
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    Blue reacted to Radarsonwheels in "Farmer fixes"   
    I took about ten feet of bailing wire out of my 3 on the tree shift linkage...
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    Blue reacted to f_armer in "Farmer fixes"   
    This is how someone repaired one of the rear fenders on my truck. 
    This is after I cut the piece out obviously. 
    Functionally it worked,  but cosmetically, not so good!

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    Blue reacted to Merle Coggins in "Farmer fixes"   
    I remember the old farm truck we had (55 Ford F200) back in the day had a simple hook and eye latch to keep the door closed. Apparently the latch didn't work and it was too troublesome to repair.
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    Blue reacted to JBNeal in "Farmer fixes"   
    I don't have any pics, but the '49 had a knotted dish towel as a gas cap, the '52 parts truck had a balled-up tube sock (white with 3 blue stripes) for an oil cap, the '53 had wadded up newspapers under a bath towel duct-taped over the exposed seat spring
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    Blue reacted to Worden18 in Me and the B-1-D   
    I know I posted this on the forums somewhere previously, but here it is again.  I painted this on canvas in 2017.  My B-1-D is looking quite cold and a bit lonely sitting there in that shed.  At the time I painted this I knew that someday I'd own a Pilot House truck.  😊
    When I painted this my thoughts were the truck is fully tuned and ready to go, and the owner (me) is in the shed making sure the tire chains are secure before firing it up. 😁
    Hope you guys like it! 

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    Blue reacted to peteandvanessa in 1953 Dodge - What have I got into   
    Yeah, I haven't adjusted any of them yet, saving that job when all the brakes have new Pistons and hardware, makes pulling the drums off easier 😂
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    Blue got a reaction from peteandvanessa in 1953 Dodge - What have I got into   
    Hey Pete, you may already know this: from your picture your anchor bolts need to be adjusted. Drum brakes get a lot of bad press, but adjusted correctly I don't mind them. I also don't drive on the highway. Thanks for the thread, I have been enjoying watching your truck come together. Another old Dodge coming back to life. JD
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    Blue reacted to Ketil in Who has the oldest B1b?   
    Close, Norway. Making a small camper for it. Wife says its the most stupid thing i have ever done...haha...If i really beleave she is going to spend a single night in the bed of that truck i can dream on... Hehe… Guess mye and the dog will have many Nice trips on Our own...

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    Blue reacted to Brent B3B in B4GA- 152   
    Picked up this 1.5 ton yesterday near the Seattle area for $1.00 (one USA dollar) I named him “Buck” LOL 
    “Swung” by and played “what the heck?” with Dodgeb4ya (what a blast!)
    This truck is SUCH a rust bucket!.....,. “challenge accepted”.
    I don’t know who I feel sorry for more, my neighbors or Julie….
  22. Haha
    Blue got a reaction from Frank Elder in Acquired a 1950 Pilothouse to go with my '50 Meadowbrook   
    Don't you hate it when someone talks about their "dirty" shop and then you go look at your dirty shop.😉
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    Blue reacted to Plymouthy Adams in Engine problem   
    yes....a good effective set of points after a lot of use will decay right to the point of uselessness and cause a lot of problems, hard starts, failing under load.  Switching out these to new and overlooking spring tension will get you back to possibly easier start, nice idle and low end and fall on its face at higher speeds.  This is the reason I made the comment, just because it is new, does not necessarily mean it is right...again...when  you do not know what is wrong, prove what is right before you move forward overlooking a simple problem.
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    Blue reacted to Plymouthy Adams in Engine problem   
    again, this is an all to familiar report from the members here after a tune up.....the new points have springs that must be put in place to be effective....seems they are no longer assembled as part of the breaker points but inserted on installation......many members tend to think this is an optional spring...it is not optional....just an added step in the points installation...test for point float....17 to 20 ounces of spring tension is required...to move the floating contact breaker arm...may not be your problem..but still would be an item to ensure is right when you truly may not know what is wrong....
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    Blue reacted to thisoldtruck in Correct firing order for a 218 flathead 6 cylinder   
    I remember it like this:
    15--is too young
    36--is too old
    24--is just right
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