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  1. Local pick and pull. $35 for the whole unit. Thanks
  2. Haven't done the spring thing yet but did make some progress. The body was on for mock up to ensure clearance wasn't an issue for steering, motor, tranny, etc.
  3. Doing one currently. Just started so I'm looking for info as well, I do have a thread started so check it out.
  4. Yeah - I can do that, just wasn't sure if I was overthinking it. The "Remove the plate and bolt it to the bottom of the A-arm." comment had me pondering my intelligence.
  5. I must be an idiot. If I put it on the bottom of the a arm, I either have to install the plate upside down (which puts the spring cup upside down) or grind the lip off. And the bump stop will be wrong.
  6. Interested in the bottom plate flip. Anyone have any photos of this?
  7. Thanks Andy - Every little bit of info helps. I currently have the engine sitting where the bottom of the mounts have one tab flush with the bottom of the frame and the other tab is below the frame. It looks fine but again, just looking for insight from others. Yeah, Mopar is a passing fad - Just hasn't passed in the past 20 years!!
  8. Thanks mrwrstory - I've decided to take out the springs and mock up the ride height to install the rack. I can cut the springs later when i get more back together. I found a rear sump pan for the motor and will get that installed this weekend. Hopefully the rack and motor will go in together fine; i think it will. Appreciate the heads up on the radiator mounting. Don't have a radiator yet, so that will be another day to tackle that. Fully aware of the motor offset. Not my first Mopar rodeo but appreciate all the advice anyhow. I think I may have some center dump manifolds in the barn from another project. Have to do some digging. You want more pics???
  9. Blocks are not permanent. No worries there.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify for some of your comments: I will NOT be using the headers with this car, they are just on the motor in the picture for the run stand purposes. I will be looking for cast iron manifolds. This car did not come with inner fenders so unless I can find some, I'll have to fab something myself.
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