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  1. If car is to be towed a good distance remove the drive shaft. Shaft out will save movement of U joints shaft and transmission .
  2. As an owner of a P15 coupe I have made many repairs and adjustments on my car. The door weather strip needs to be be replaced . This will be my first time to replace weatherstrip . I have purchased the new weatherstrip from a respected company . Instructions not included . If you have replaced your weatherstrip please suggest does and don'ts based on your experience . I am an old timer wanting to learn a new skill. How should new weatherstrip be held in place until adhesive sets ? What did you use to remove remains of old weatherstrip and old adhesive ? Thank you in advance for any information .
  3. Members I respectfully ask if you have used manifold dressing on the exhaust and or intake manifold of your project car? Were you able to apply the dressing with the manifolds on the car ? Do you feel that the result improved the look of your engine ? I ask about wipe on dressing not paint . Please share any experience with manifold dressing .
  4. Don please do not give up on your self . We all get a day older each day. I will be seventy in November . When you are rested and recovered from your trip things may look different. Speaking of the car . The rubber gear shift grommet that fits between the shift rod and the lever attached to the searing column under the hood may have fell off. This is an easy fix that can be done with out getting under the car ! It is too easy for all of us to just stay in the house. Please keep at least one project car . Having one to work on keeps our hands and minds active. Get out side for an hour at least three times a week to clean paint or adjust something on that car. Also keep a good daily driver even if is sits more than it rolls . Go to car shows and share your knowledge with young people . Get out and go even if you no longer show your project car. I hope to meet you at a show in the future.
  5. Greg I have had the same problem after replacing fuel sender on my P15 . My fuel tank bent up a little at bottom . I hope another member can answer your question .
  6. I agree with first response . I drive a 1948 Plymouth with six volt with good performance . Get a six volt optima battery and be on your way.
  7. Best wishes to you and your family .
  8. I use SAE 30 detergent oil . API service SN I live in South Florida and use the same type of oil year round.
  9. The tires on my Plymouth P15 coupe are 6.70 15 bias ply . When the tires were installed they were spin balanced on the car . The result was a great ride with no balance problems . Recently I replaced front brake drums and rotated the tires. I now have unbalanced tires and steering wheel shake . As of this writing I have not found a doing on car spin balance in Bradenton or Tampa Florida . If you know of shop in this area please let me know. Should I try a bubble balance ? Can a bubble balance be used with the brake drum attached ? On P15 cars tire wheel and brake drum should be balanced together. I request your thoughts on wheel balance .
  10. I would like to find a source for rebuilt P15 steering gear box .
  11. Please check again with drums removed that heel and toe adjusters are set to pull shoes all the way in toward center. Watch the shoe move as you turn the adjusters. Check shape of shoe to see that it matches drum. S hoe shape can be fine tuned by taping shoe frame not lining with a light hammer.
  12. The P15 Plymouth 1946-48 were often used as taxi cabs. When used as a taxi a double action fule pump was comonly used. How was the vacuum partion on the pump conected to the wiper motor. There are two threaded ports on the vacuum part of the pump . One port to the front of the car one to the rear . What should be connected to each port.Any information referance or photo of a double action pump instaled on an L-head engine would be helpful .
  13. I would like to replace the original 6 volt positive ground tail and brake lights on my 1948 Plymouth with brighter bulbs. Original bulbs are 1129 single filiment bulbs. If you are using and LED replacement please share your experiance ?
  14. Rear will usually work on front. Try calling Kanter Auto products . Talk to a sales person you may not find it by just looking in the catalog.
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