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  1. Keith , If you are currently using a four blade fan consider a fan with a larger number of blades. This change was helpful on my P15. Also what coolant are you using . Many owners in my area use a 50/50 pre mix and ad red line water wetter . This also can be helpful. I live in South West Florida no hills just temps in the mid 90's.
  2. I recently replaced the head gasket on my P15 Plymouth 1948. I used modern Felpro gasket . The gasket fits one way copper side to block . I called Felpro and was told to use copper spray gasket sealer on the copper side of gasket that seals to engine block. No sealer was used on the side which is to cylinder head. Thread sealer was used on the cylinder head bolts which go through the water jacket . No water leaks observed. Best wishes for a successful project.
  3. Back in the late sixty's truck driver who learned his trade in the army made this statement . An engine often lugged will consume oil. run hot . and have head gasket failure . The man drove a tanker truck and delivered Exon gas to service stations.
  4. Service manual warns against putting sealer on the head bolts which pass through the intake. Using the torque sequence as a number guide , what are the numbers of the three bolts . My guess would be 3==6==?
  5. Was the water leak between the water neck and the cylinder head ?
  6. It is my goal to replace the head gasket of the 218 engine in my P15. I have carefully read Head Gaskets by Frank Gooz December 25 ,2020. Today I ordered a Fel Pro gasket to replace the failed gasket . If you have done this job please share your knowledge and experience. Is their a top and bottom side of the new gasket. If so are they clearly marked. Should gasket sealer be used on one or both sides of the gasket. If one side which side . What gasket sealer is correct for this job ? Please provide name and brand of the correct sealer. Please share any does or do nots that will help me complete this job correctly. Each time I lean to complete a task on my P15 I become aware of the many things I do not know !
  7. Each of the responses to this topic has provided well thought out information. My experience is with a P15 . I live in the greater Tampa Bay area of Florida. In the run of a year the temp is not below freezing for more than ten days . Temp below mid twenty's most rare. In this area a radiator must be in top condition. The coolant super clean 50/50 pre mix . A racer stay cool product or water wetter also helps .I prefer a four blade fan and original type bellows 160 thermostat. On this day the temp is in the 90s in the shade . The feels like temp is in the 100s.
  8. My sincere thank you for the several people who answered my question. My tentative plan is to use 205/75R15 radial on the original wheels. I know the diameter is smaller by approximately one and one half inches. I am told 295/75R15 radial tires vary only fraction of an inch in diameter from one brand to another. Please keep your old cars safe and check your tires.
  9. What size radial works best. My 1948 Plymouth P15 has original type 15X4.5'' wheels. Original tire size 670X15 bias ply. Tire size comparison charts are useful but real world experience is best. I would like to switch to radial tires. If you are using radial tires on a P15 with good results please tell tire size .
  10. O'Reilly Auto Parts has a 17'' corer. You can view the cover on their web sight. I like the look and feel of the cover even if steering wheel is in good shape.
  11. Glad you got it free to turn over. Nothing succeeds like success . Please buy the best wire harness you can find
  12. My statement was not correct . This front end is not original.
  13. A big thank you to the members who shared information . I made a bracket and installed it problem solved. This forum is great . Respectfully John Fleming
  14. A big thankyou to Eneto-55 for the dimensions of the bracket. Please tell me what the bracket attaches too .
  15. Terry my suggestion have your car looked over by an experienced restoration shop. Have the shop inspect the frame , the suspension and the fuel system as well as wheels and tires . If these parts are safe and sound next have a complete brake system check . If problems are found in these areas do not drive the car. Have it brought back to home on a rollback . If no problems are found enjoy the drive home.
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