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  1. We found a seal on Ebay. It is a TOSTEL seal T5851. The OD is 3.110. My son installed it yesterday. No more leaks. Thanks to all who replied. Dennis
  2. Couldn't find a number on the original seal. I'm not criticizing AB and I did give the correct part number from their website. It's possible the rear in our '40 Dodge is not original. Want to know if anyone else had a similar problem
  3. We are having trouble installing a new pinion oil seal we purchased from Bernbaum. The seal listed on the website shows it fits most Chrysler products from 1937 into the 1950s. We don't have the special Mopar tool and were trying to drive it in with a large socket. The seal OD looks to be about 0.050 larger than the seat. Has anyone had experience with this part? Thanks, Dennis Smyth
  4. We did complete a front suspension rebuild two years ago. We've done a lot of work since then but didn't plan on installing air bags.
  5. Recently we were looking for a replacement drive shaft for our 1940 Dodge. My son found a company called Mr. Driveshaft in Wall, NJ that was able to rebuild our driveshaft. We supplied a new U joint and they had a new U joint outer body. We installed it tonight and made a test run. The car ran well with no vibration. Thanks to everyone who responded to our wanted ad. Dennis
  6. Ordered US made rebuild kits from NAPA. Will post results Dennis
  7. We need new wheel cylinders for our '40 Dodge. We see some listed on Ebay from moparpro. Does anyone know if moparpro and Andy Bernbaum are the same company?
  8. Sarg, Did you finish installing the oil pan? We are about to install an oil pan with a Filpro gasket in a Plymouth P23 engine. How did you make out? Any tip? Dennis
  9. We are installing a new clutch in our P23 Plymouth engine. Ordered parts from Bernbaum. One of the parts was release bearing pullback springs. We received the spring shown in the photo. Can't figure out where it goes or if it's something we don't need. Don't see anything like it in the parts book. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,Dennis
  10. We have the shift cover off. Can only move the 1st/reverse rail if we rotate the drive pinion first. Anyone interested in seeing photos of the underside of the shift cover and the shift rails?
  11. With both transmissions on the bench, we compared the shifting of the P23 transmission with the '40 Dodge. We can feel and see the difference. The rear lever on the '40 moves further and springs back when released. Can't tell if it shifts into 1st but it does shift in reverse. We'll remove the shift cover on the P23 to see if anything is broken or missing. Thanks for all your advice. Dennis
  12. Our 1940 Dodge has a P23 engine which is finally running. We have a few issues with timing, oil pressure and transmission. I'll limit this question to the transmission problem. The trans will shift into 2nd & 3rd but not 1st or reverse. With the trans out of the car the 1st/reverse lever can be moved slightly but not enough to allow shifting into 1st/reverse. We have a transmission from a 1940 Dodge D17. Can we use this transmission as a replacement for the Plymouth trans? Thanks for any advice Dennis
  13. Our 1940 Dodge has a P23 engine. We finally have the engine running with a few issues with timing, oil pressure and transmission.
  14. We need to install an exhaust system on our 1940 Dodge D17 Business Coupe. We a starting from scratch as the car came without any exhaust system and it has a P23 Plymouth engine which, I believe, has a different exhaust manifold than a '40 Dodge. I found what was advertised as a '40 Dodge 1 3/4 inch tail pipe. Can anyone tell me the approximate length, opening size and shape of a '40 Dodge muffler? Thanks for any help. Dennis Smyth
  15. We completed the front suspension rebuild/installation. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. We are ready to install the tie rod ends. The grease seals for outside ends are different from anything I've seen before. The seal consists of a flat rubber washer, two steel washers and a spring. We are assuming the rubber washer is installed first followed by a steel washer, then the spring, followed with the second washer. Is that correct or should we replace these parts with a more common rubber boot? Thanks, Dennis
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