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  1. We just placed the order for the kit the other day, so I can't say we definitely will, that's just a common theme I've seen from the research I've done thus far. Won't know for sure until we actually get the kit installed.
  2. Hey Bob! So sorry, haven't been on here a while as I thought this thread had died out. That powertrain is about similar to what we're going with, I was gifted a 327 from a family friend and we're planning on a turbo 350 right now unless we find a 700R4 somewhere for a reasonable price. Ford 8.5" for the rear. I have read in some other threads that we may need to mount the engine a little off-center, but I'll let you know as we get further along with the project. We're going to be doing some mockups for placement once we get the front end put on (we did end up going with Fatman) before hopefully getting the body off in early summer.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion @mrwrstory, really enjoyed going through that, a lot of good ideas and modifications we're considering as well. I really appreciate the advice all, it was very helpful. I'll post a response with the direction we end up going with!
  4. Hello All, first time poster, first time builder, looking for some help on a new '51 Suburban project. My grandfather and I are working on this one together; he's lending me his expertise and shop space and I'm giving him a chance to spend some more time in the garage, "grandma-approved". He's been hot rodding Chevys and Fords since he was 14, but when looking for a project to take on we fell in love with this era of Suburbans and it's the first MOPAR he's worked on. We're sticking pretty traditional with our plans for modifications, including a Mustang II style IFS kit. I've seen a lot of debate regarding Fatman products on here, and that was the original direction we were leaning towards as he has two completed projects with their Stage II kit (50 and 31 Chevy pickups). However, the cost of their frame stub has us a bit wary, as it would nearly double the overall price of the kit. My grandpa thinks we can do the measurements and fab work for the stub ourselves, then use a universal kit from Heidts, Fatman or similar and save about $2k. Has anyone gone this route? Any advice would be appreciated.
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