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  1. Now there is a couple of good looking guys!!! Well done Nick!!! It is great that you gave a shoutout to the forum. There may be the next NicksPick Crew out there that just needs a little help and encouragement. Just think of all the experience YOU now have. I hope you pass it on when you have the opportunity. All the best with the new adventure in PA. I wonder how many of the Engineering Prof's will the practical experience you do when you show-up...??? Take care, B
  2. This is one of those things that never seem to go back together the way it came apart. I have had several "Big Hammer Moments" on the brackets on the bench. I have probably had my hood off 6 times to "Adjust" it before I got it right... Not very good advise, I am afraid...
  3. Pete/Frank- Nice comments. The fact that Nick and the Crew are genuinely nice people only makes this whole thread better and makes us all want to help as much as we can. It will be GREAT when Nick pulls up to Penn State in THE car... Going to be EPIC!!!
  4. Vin....I was going to touch-base myself...
  5. Pops takes good photos!!! Nice to see you chillin after working hard!!!
  6. Ouch!! I guess I was lucky starting in the back. Short of starting over... How about making a bolster out of some of the maroon upper side-panel material. You could radius it along the contour of the window trim along the top? Even squared on top might not look bad.. I used foam core presentation board from Staples for my door panels. It is easy to work with, takes contact adhesive very well and is pliable enough to install on the slight radius of this area Definitely agree on the trim rings. I hung all of mine on the wall after paint and they were still a PAIN to get back on
  7. I have seen this done a number of different ways. I did mine to the just below the level of the lower window line. These photos are not great. I will try and get you better shots this evening
  8. The side panels look fantastic!!! I used a hotplate with a tea kettle and then broke-out mamma's blow dryer for the headliner... I almost over-did-it... Looks GREAT!!!!
  9. Yes and Definitely Yes on your last 2 posts... Good Luck with this!!!
  10. That is FANTASTIC Nick!!! This is a great opportunity for you and Penn State. While you are there, can you please do your part and encourage the Nittany Lions to WHOOP a little Ohio State Buckeye ass?
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