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  1. Thank you Dodgeb4ya. I need to learn as much as possible so that I can enjoy and confidently drive my '41 Royal. Duke
  2. I keep reading about arcing the shoes. How does one go about doing that if indeed needed?
  3. Thanks Tod. I was not aware of that. I may try to get the special tool used to ensure that they are properly adjusted. I know the tool is few and far between and costly if one could even be found. Joy is.
  4. I think my brake shoes are aligned properly within the drums. They aren't dragging or anything like that. I will be installing a new MC which I purchased from Kanter when I get back to CT later this month prior to shipping the car down here. I was thinking of driving the car down here sightseeing along the way. For the reasons mentioned in my prior reply and this reply, I just want to get the best stopping power available without changing everything out.
  5. My car is original and I am not interested in driving fast. I am retired and don't need to get anywhere in a hurry. However, being in the Miami area of FL introduces dangers and crazies that I did not encounter in Connecticut. Not that there aren't crazies in CT, but the ones down here are in a much higher league. AA in CT versus Major League in FL.
  6. Thanks to all for the advice. Duke
  7. While speaking to another 1941 Chrysler Royal owner about the brakes on our cars, I mentioned investigating a disc brake conversion. He offered an alternative and so I am writing to ask if anyone on here has tried this idea, how it worked out, if you have any photos of the installation or shop manual pictures of it. What I am referring to is installing a 1953 -54 Chrysler vacuum operated brake booster under the car. Any and all advice/guidance would be appreciated. duke
  8. Countryss - I think I'd like to do this conversion for my 1941 Chrysler Royal. Can you give me the exact name of the vendor you purchased the alternator from. I called both Kanter and Bernbaums. Neither one had it. I'd appreciate your guidance. Duke
  9. If you need to have the clutch rebuilt, I suggest you contact Joe at H R Clutches (215) 639 7150 and tell him what you have. They might be able to build a clutch especially for you. Wayne
  10. Dodge4ya - my brother helped me yesterday and today and we got it all figured out. He checked the wires the previous owner installed for the Fluid Drive system. we then hooked them up according to the shop manual. We also took the diaphragm apart and checked the operation of the stem. The stem was not extending all of the way out to push the transmission mounted lever into the power range. The tranny was stuck in the drive range which kept pressure on the gears and didn't allow the car to roll on an incline (Even with the clutch engaged) or shift out of reverse when stopped. Now that the
  11. I agree that the M4 is a good strong transmission and i am doing all i can to make it operate correctly. i did have to add some 10w oil to the tranny tonight, but so much, or so i think anyways, to have caused the tranny to not hold the upshift. This weekend I will perform the various tests noted in the shop manual. Depending on what i find, I will then document the current wiring, remove it, and. install new wiring using the correct colors as shown in the 1941-1948 Chrysler Shop Manual. I'll let you know how it turns out
  12. Dodgeb4ya - Thanks for responding. I will answer each question: I do have the shop manual and portions of the "Service Reference Manuals" which I have been reading and rereading, however, none of them mention the type of problem i am experiencing. The lockout cable is in. I actually think my problem developed when i pulled that out while driving the car, but i now have the cable pushed in and the piston back in position for the lever shift. The diaphragm is not ripped or torn. It is in good shape. The M4 is not stuck in high range. It moves between the high and low rang
  13. Yes , my driveway has a slight downward slope, so when I back up, I am going up a slope. However, the problem is evident even on a flat road surface.
  14. Hey guys, i am still working on my 1941 Chrysler Royal, more specifically the M4 Vacamatic transmission. When I shift the car into Reverse to backup and stop, I cannot shift it out of Reverse. The car must be in motion for me to shift it into Neutral. Furthermore, the car will not roll in either direction when in Reverse, even if I have clutch engaged. I don't have this problem while in Neutral or a forward gear. Any ideas as to resolve the problem could be would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Thank you for the suggestions. I checked the diaphragm and it is in good condition. I was thinking the same thing regarding the clutch release bearing. I'm hoping I don't have to remove the tranny yet. I want to pursue all options before going to that extent.
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