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  1. I did Scarebird disc conversion up front and a disc brake Ford 8.8 rear end. Stops great with no booster.
  2. I replaced the rear end in my 52 b3b with a Ford Explorer 8.8 limited slip disc brake rear. Great fit.
  3. I've got some rear brakes for you off a 52 B3B. PM me and I'll send you pics. Styles
  4. Almost everything on our trucks were self grounded. The lights are single pigtail grounded through the fixture as opposed to dual pigtail with a power wire and a ground wire. Starter is effectively the same.
  5. On my 52 I have added power steering, T5 5 speed, Scarebird front disc’s, Ford 8.8 rear end(3.73 gear instead of 4.10 and disc rear brakes and parking brake). I find I do not need booster. This was my preference as opposed to frame swap. Regards, Styles
  6. Probably worth trying Permatex Ultra Black gasket maker before you remove the pan.
  7. just get 2 alligator clip leads and check them using your battery to be sure
  8. Use 2 small blade fuse boxes on the firewall. One for switched items and one for always hot. I’ll post some pics later. Relays on any high current items like horns. I have switched every light on my 52 to led so all are low current.
  9. Jeff, Also be aware that any LED lights you use must be designed for AC not DC(the link I provided works for both) as DC LED's will not work on POS ground. AC lights will work for either POS or NEG ground. Styles
  10. You bet. Every light on my truck is LED bye the way. Regards, Styles
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/7-Motorcycle-Crystal-Glass-Metal-Headlight-6V-6-Volt-26-40w-LED-Light-Bulb-Each/233240000192?hash=item364e2ff6c0:g:L7wAAOSwIS9cOhLw:sc:USPSPriority!80211!US!-1
  12. The selector rod needs adjustment. That is the rod connected to the cam that moves the rod forward when the column shift lever is pulled back.
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