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  1. Great effort on the shifter. I’m not a fan of 3 on the tree. A factory floor shifter was one of the appeals for me when I bought my ‘38 Dodge Coupe 35 years ago and my ‘61 Dodge Lancer 20 years ago. I did have the good sense to order an A833 4 speed overdrive adapter from George Asch before the option wasn’t available anymore. I have an 8 3/4 rear with e-brake for it finally so I can proceed with the swap. I am sorry to hear of your fight with Lyme disease. I have had my share of health issues that keep me from playing with my fleet of old mopars. My brother had Lyme destroy his life for a few years until he found a holistic Dr. that found that the simple and cheap drug used to help alcoholics kick the habit is the best solution. Unfortunately hard to get now in the US because drug companies don’t make much money on it. He had to get it from Canada. You definitely can not drink alcohol while taking this drug but it could be a game changer if the establishment medical community would step up. Good luck and be well.
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