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  1. I was able to upload one photo. I have resized pictures to below 3mb. Oversize mb window pops up. Placed the undersizes pictures in seperate folder and re checking size. No go.
  2. Happy new year! Trying to resize and add a few pictures of progress..
  3. I can not tell you how much i appreciate your response!! My K2 comps are stashed in my shed, which are 210 hi speed long boards... I purchased them after using 175 Rossi freestyles for years wanting skis for speed. Bombing the slopes naturally became popular when longer skis became the trend in the mid 80s here in northern Michigan, soon after K2 Cheese burgers went out of style... I had a pair of k2 ones, which I broke one when I found myself landing between two huge moguls after being launched and out of shape from a bad line down our favorite mogul hill. I repkaced them with the Rossi's then broke my wrist in 79 (senior year) after I thoufht I had helicopters mastered... The break was quite serious and healed very badly. To this day my right wrist is seriously deformed where as it is limited in strength and I deal with significant chronic pain. I ski'd a few years later after moving north in the mid 80's on the 210 K2 Comps. I hung it up after moving back to our hometown after my daughter was born in 92. Last winter I got my 3 younger kids 18, 16, and 14 into skiing and now chaperoning the two younger ones high school ski club. Last winter was also the first time on parabolic boards which I rented. Wow, what a difference! The guy at the rental counter asked what size ski's I wanted to rent, I replied 175's... He looked over the top of his glasses and asked when was the last time I had ski'd. He then went on to enlighten me that 165 were the longest board they offered...I strapped them bad boys on and showed the youngsters the short way down the slope! We start the new season after the holidays. I enjoyed your photos as well as the K2 history, very cool. Ski jumping as well as freestyle, and bobsledding were my favourite Olympic events and still are. Tha Canton history as well as your uncle's participation are very cool. Very sorry to hear of his fate, thank you for his service. Being relatively knew to the forum, I am still learning to navigate around the site as well as figuring out how to re size images to post. I would share some pictures of a trip we took to Copper Peaks which was the largest ski jump in the world which still stands. it is located in the upper peninsula of Michigan near the porcupines in Gogibic county. It is amazing. The jumpers back in the day were something! Copper peaks was supposedly just awarded money from the state for renovations in an effort to re open and hold world class year around events. Unfortunatelya year later they'restill waiting on the check... Visitors can ride the chair lift up to the jump and then take an elivator like 18 stories up, then an 8 story climb by steel grate stairs to the top. My kids and I had a riot. Once you get to the top you realize the scope of what the jumpers are faced with. It seems insane. But as a kid I dreamed of ski flying. So, if you ever get that pile ski rig dialed in maybe we can get a couple bottles of Boone's Farm and do a bonsai road trip to the nearest ski resort!! Ill bring the cassette tapes... Regards, D.
  4. I would think if you keep them greased you'll be fine..
  5. Very sorry to hear about Don. I am relatively new on the forum. Don reached out to me offering technical assistance while replacing valve guides in my truck. The depth of his knowledge was evident in only a few messages he graciously offered. I immediately was intrigued and was hoping and looking forward in coming to know him better. I had emailed him after getting the truck going excited to let him know it was running well and to again thank him. After not hearing back I visited the site in which learned of his passing. Thanks again Don, may you rest in peace. Prayers to your loved ones. Very truly, Doug
  6. I have a question. Is it always necessary to ream new bushings when replacing pins? I am planning to replace mine, thanks for the pictures and explanation.
  7. I'm in! My K2's are ready to hit the slopes!
  8. Great story, tgank you for sharing.
  9. It sure does. Recently got it running since purchasing and took it for a drive, couldn't take my eyes off the road. Fortunately I found tie rod ends and kit for drag link. Fingers crossed on King pins..
  10. Truck is running!! Good oil pressure, starts good, drives good.
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