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    I have 3 old dodges ( 50' B2C, 58' w100, 67 D100) I would like to join your forum for the 50.
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  1. By clearly original, do you mean it showed it's age? These trucks got used a lot, the beds are super hard to find without a ton of dents and even metal stretching from being overloaded, it took parts from several beds to make one in my case. I had to cut front stake pockets off one set of bedsides, flip them and modify to replace my rear stake pockets. I was never going to get my tailgate straight! Which is ok with me, mine gets used and I'm not worried about scratching the paint or bed wood. I love to look at the total restorations, just not what I wanted for myself.
  2. The repops are plain I believe.....
  3. I used ash from a local sawmill, which is very scarce here in Ohio from the emerald ash borer. I figured if it's good for making baseball bats, it's probably pretty durable for my truck bed. I used several Cotes of Tung oil, but before I did that I used one of those big propane tank torches and scorched the wood. It really brought the grain out visually. The research I did told me this process was an ancient Asian technique for preserving wood. Since my truck used to be a fire Dept brush truck I thought it fitting, plus I actually use my truck to haul whatever.....lumber, mulch, fi
  4. Yep, like I said, it had been sitting in the driveway for 3 years waiting it's turn. I had read the tag before, but I'm getting a little long in the tooth, soooooooo......🤔
  5. Hey Merle, I just checked my door tag, my truck is a B2C......it's been sitting in driveway for 3 years waiting for it's turn. I have done a few things like recovering the seat, and pulling the guages and making them look new again. Also sourced some parts that were missing in the engine compt. From the partial teardown that probably happened 40 years ago. Still looking for some of the floor pieces and a battery cover.
  6. Yes sir, it's Mountainaire fire Dept. From Arizona, same place my pilothouse came from. Bought at the same auction. I believe I have a pic of it sent to me from the current chief from back in the day when it was in service..... Yes that's a 500 gallon tank with all the other gear on the back......on a 1/2 ton chassis.
  7. That's good info! Now I know not to bother detailing the trans and bellhousings on the donor. Appreciate the response sir.
  8. Here's a couple more pics since I know you guys dig em' . Some of my first back from the dead projects (67' D100). Also, my current and largest leap into insanity, the 1950 B3C ......maybe
  9. Howdy gents! I've been on here for a few years now but not very active since I have been working on my 1958 W100 for the past couple years. I am now starting in on my 1950 B3C 3/4t pilothouse. It was one of those deals so common to us old car guys, someone pulled the head and oil pan eons ago, and judging by the new Pistons and bearings on the seat, had intentions of doing an in-frame rebuild. But that never happened for whatever reason. My question is this; My truck has a 4 speed top loader, and an engine removed from a running - driving 51' truck that has since been turned into fr
  10. Here was my original question bobcuda, I'm not looking for parts, just an explanation to the above.
  11. Hey, on my 50 pic above, zoom in on my tail light. The outer clear lens has a red Cross on it. Anyone have a reference for that? And no, there are no military data plates on the truck.
  12. Driving my 67 D100, I resurrected two years ago from a 30 slumber. 95% Orig. , LA 318, 727 auto 60k miles. It's my favorite grocery getter with just the right amount of patina. Current project is a 58 Power Wagon W100 315 Poly W/ 4 spd. @51k miles. Next will be the 50 Pilothouse, I try to only work on one at a time but the 50 keeps taunting me to poke around!
  13. Thanks for the reply. I'm thinking that's different than Dodge wood beds tho. But, I could be 100 % wrong. That's why I'm asking, these beds are not only difficult to gather parts for, but expensive as well. I don't want to spend $ on things I don't need. How about the dodge guys?
  14. I am in the process of doing a bed rebuild. This 50 looks like a twin to mine. From what I gather, the bedsides are attatched solely to the wood of the bed. And yet, I constantly see and hear about a lot of these old trucks with all of the wood missing from the bed. My question is, how is the bed still in place if all the wood is gone? Anybody?
  15. AACA? I'm not familiar with it....would I have to join to post?
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