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  1. I think nail paint would look fine but it chips easily and is not meant to last. I'm off to the Hooby Shop to have a look and will post my find. Thankyou everyone. I agree...
  2. Thanks Plymouthy Adams but I am keen to find the paint code. It would be the same as the Plymouth p15 badges and hubcaps. Cheers
  3. Can anyone help with identifying the red paint used on the badges and hucaps for 1946 Chrysler Desoto Special Deluxe
  4. Hi Andy, Sorry have not been on this site for a few days...too many bloody sites...lol...I would like to have a chat and will call you over the next couple of days...Cheers
  5. Hi Gareth, Thankyou for the pics...you did a good job...I will call Scotts and see if they have original aftermarket rubber. Cheers, Zoran
  6. This is an early photo when I bought it...It's a Plymouth P15 body...
  7. Hi to all, I am in Australia and trying to track down Front & Rear Quarter Vent Window Rubbers for a 46 Chrysler Desoto Special Deluxe SP15CS. This is the export model which is the same as the Canadian Dodge D25 or a Plymouth P15. I am also after brake & clutch rubber pedal dust boots. I have an Ebay store so am familiar with most sellers/suppliers on there but they are mostly either very expensive or can not guarantee that their parts will fit. Any help would be appreciated.
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