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  1. Good evening everyone. I could really use some help here, I have an opportunity to buy some absolutely beautiful New Old Stock 1952 Dodge tail light bezels. The part number on these bezels state that they are for a 1952 Dodge 2 door sedan and I have a 1952 Business Coupe. My question is will the tail light bezels from the two-door sedan fit my business Coupe? I have studied the photos of the New Old Stock bezels at length they appear to be the same size and shape and the screw hole placement appears to be the same. I do not have access to the New Old Stock bezels otherwise I would just put them on my fenders and see if they fit. I believe the fender length on the two door sedan was different than the Business Coupe. I am just wondering if the two door sedan bezels will fit on my business Coupe. Thank you everyone for your time.
  2. trying to find a dome light cover / lens for my 1952 Dodge Business Coupe, it is plastic and my old one shattered into a million pieces. Any help would be appreciated. It is not the typical dome lightlight you see on most old mopars, but it is a factory item. Help... please..
  3. New guy here, and I am going to speak up, if it gets me kicked off this forum then I will have to live with it. Back on May 20th I posted that I was in the market to buy new wheel cylinders for my Dodge, the folks that got back to me just posted "don't buy any Chinese junk". And while I very much appreciated people getting back to me it would have been nice to know who this ebay seller was/is at the time. Most of us are not made of money and I am thinking this ebay seller who ever he/she is might have got hard earned money from some folks for junk. I understand the legality issues with posting a ebay sellers name and saying they take peoples money and sending them junk, a word of caution with a slight hint of who it might be very helpful for those who do not know any better. I am happy to see the buyer of the stone guards was able to get his money back, but the next person may not get so lucky. Just my 2 cents.
  4. So I came across this 1946 Plymouth sedan and was puzzled by the interior, I have seen many, many 1946 thru 48 Plymouth in my life and have never seen "stock" interior like this (the three pointed chrome star) and the way the "stock" interior has the accents around it. The interior was in very bad shape as you can see, but I bought the door panels because I have never seen anything like that. Any clues, help, info, on if this was a factory installed interior?
  5. Not sure if this topic has come up before... I would bet it has. Going to buy some new wheel cylinders for my 1952 Dodge Wayfarer. Who is a reputable seller with quality wheel cylinders? I would like to keep from spending what little cash I have on cheap junk. Thank you everyone in advance for your replies!
  6. Thanks everyone for getting back to me on this, going to try to bleed the master cylinder today to see if that helps.
  7. Okay, I replaced my master cylinder and the brake lines on my 1952 Dodge Coupe, the brakes and wheel cylinders have been replaced before I bought the car. I have bled and bled and bled the brakes, but I can't seem to get all of the air out of the system. The first time I push down on the pedal it goes to the floor but the next two or three pumps and it pumps up very good and only goes down about 2 in. Please, someone tell me what I am doing wrong. Thank you all in advance.
  8. Bueller............ Bueller..........?
  9. Good afternoon everyone! Just looking for some ideas on who is the one to go to for quarter and rocker metal replacement panels for my 1952 Dodge business coupe. Thanks for the tips in advance. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!
  10. I was thinking of going to the Plymouth Doctor for my replacement panels, is that not a good idea?
  11. Evening everyone, sorry it took me so long to respond but life got in the way. I am a local truck driver that runs out of the rail yards and we are putting in 14 hour days, on top of that I work a part time job 20 hours a week. Anyway I wanted to thank everyone for the tips and hints, this weekend I will be changing out the rubber isolators between the steering box and frame. And hitting all of the zerk fittings with grease. Again, thank y'all for the help. I will report back Sunday evening how the ride goes and if the isolators and grease helped. Casper50, your blog on the tear down and rebuild of your coupe was nothing short of fantastic! You have lit a fire in me to take on and do as much to my coupe as possible, if you don't mind I may have a question or two from time to time.
  12. greg g, the coupe seems to wander a bit when driving down the road, seems like I am always having to turn the steering wheel just a little to keep going straight, nothing too serious, just seems to wander a bit. Andydodge, thank you for the tips, and I think I will start with the 2 rubber isolators first. I will keep y'all posted as I start into the front end. And thank you everyone for welcoming me to the fourm!
  13. Evening everyone, new guy here, been watching and reading here for a while, but didn't think I should join until I got another vintage mopar again. Well that day came a few weeks ago! I now have a 65 year old mistress that is gonna start taking my money... I now have in my driveway a 1952 Dodge business coupe, she runs and drives, but needs quarters and rockers. The floors and trunk are in great shape. And this is something that scares me a little, but I want to do as much work to her as possible.... I need to rebuild the front suspension, I have been reading about other members rebuilding theirs, it does not look too easy, but I think if I take my time I can do it. Any tips would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. I am looking forward to getting to know the members on here and trading stories...
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