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  1. I thought I’ve read that adjusting timing is best by using a vacuum gauge. Need to use the port on the intake manifold. That worked for me on my ‘40 rebuild.
  2. I just installed the hub/nut on my crank by heating the nut in oven at 450 degrees. Went on real easy with very light taps with hammer and wood. Machine shop trick.
  3. Jolly

    Left over part

    I will find out. Unfortunately, I have to open it up. Before I do I will stop by his shop, show him the part and ask if he remembers that he didn’t have it.
  4. Jolly

    Left over part

    You guys are great!!!!! Thanks
  5. I need help indentifying this 2” long copper oiling tube. Apparently I didn’t give this to the machine shop when they assembled my rebuilt 1940 Chrysler 241flathead six. I’m thinking it might belong behind timing chain cover. I guess this is what can happen when 5+ months pass after you disassemble an engine. Thanks
  6. Oops, had to redo. Had the rod on wrong side of pedal. I love doing stuff twice.......not! oh well, it’s right now.
  7. Sacrificed a few dimes and used a baling wire turnbuckle to install the clutch pedal spring on steroids. Was successful, but it was work. That’s one strong spring...... This is on my 40 Windsor.
  8. Bingo!!! New plugs on start up
  9. It’s now sitting in car. Won’t be long now
  10. Welcome back and hoping your health improves so you can play with your toys and stuff..
  11. Just liking the cool factor, not even thinking value of the car. Plus my friend enjoyed the day I took her tooling around on her 101st Birthday last July. The rear door and grab handle worked well for her to access the rear seat. Btw, I would also like a nice coupe
  12. Unless the back doors are suicide doors......
  13. Thanks, he did use some parts. Looked at the box of old parts today and he even returned the old freeze plugs.
  14. I would call that a deal indeed. I was hoping for under 3k.
  15. One if the things I noticed when first driving my 40 Chrysler with skinny bias tires the the squealing sound going around corners. Reminds me of the soundtracks of all those chase scenes in old movie with the screeching tires. BTW, radials are on my wish list.......
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