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  1. *Also my wiper motor has two ports labels "L" and R" and one is plugged shut.... I tested the wiper motor off the vacuum of another car and it worked great....... any idea why there is two ports?/? Thx ~d
  2. Howdy Y'all, I am working on a '38 chrysler 230 flat six I believe and just installed a vacuum wiper motor {that I think is early 40's mopar} I just installed the fuel/vacuum pump that came with the car and the "vacuum" side is putting out positive pressure. so my question is will that work with my vacuum wiper motor? There are other ports that I failed to bench test before I installed, are those also positive pressure or vacuum? It is pumping OUT about 3 PSI at idle.... Any Old Timer Advice much appreciated.... ~d
  3. Thats Awesome! My headliner was gone when I purchased my '38 Chrysler coupe but it came with 7 bowes... looks like yours has 5 now I'm wondering if I got two extra! any tips on what order they go in as they are all slightly different lengths. If I remember right mine may even have numbers on them?/? Thx ~d
  4. I think this is a buick, but vinyl leather does not feel out of place on a 30's rig...
  5. Hey Rich, Not sure how to explain it.... I'm just not a fan of the "mohair" felt material.... not sure why, but I have never liked it.... don't get me wrong I am very traditional and most of my car stuff is pretty much stock .... nothing crazy.... right now my '38 is missing the headliner and has the felt nap seat cover and door panels... the rumble seat is vinyl and does not feel out of place with the car to me....I just know I will enjoy vinyl/leather interior more.... I will update here with pic's of my progress .... looks like lebaron bonney may be able to set me up.... anybody ever been? regards ~d
  6. Howdy all, I am Shopping for a headliner for my '38 chrysler... I talked to WLS, but he said he won't do a vinyl one witch is what I want. Does anyone have a source that can do vinyl headliners?/? Thx ~d
  7. My '38 had the masonite stuff in it .... Plymouth Adams explains it well. Mine was all the way around rear of the doors. Gives you something to nail into to keep your headliner taught...~d thanks for the headliner source!
  8. Same exact problem on my '38 chrysler.... thanks for posting.
  9. Who could help with an electronic conversion? I have a 1938 chrysler with a bad wiper motor, sent it to Ficken and he said is was the wrong unit for my car could not be rebuilt and the correct one is impossible to find...... any suggestions would be appreciated .... thanks ~d
  10. Well I guess this is the Part number answer to my question.....
  11. Hello, Looking for a source or part number for an oil filter for my '38 chrysler royal, canister type The motor is a 241.5 parts store didn't have a listing, but I'm used to that. Also wondering if I should be running a lead additive in the fuel? I never have in any of my other classics and they have been fine, just wondering what you guys are doing with your old flat 6's.... Thanks ~Dbolt
  12. The only thing better than a 6V optima........ TWO....... $ 170 on amazon today.... got mine last year for $125/Battery .... other than the look of the battery ..... I'm glad i got mine .... The 6V fleet farm batteries failed like clock work every 2 years.... Car fired right up after its 6 month slumber sitting in storage..... Good Luck ~dbolt
  13. Hello, Does anybody have a line on a set of four Chrysler Hubcaps for a 1938 chrysler? I am interested in putting a set together perhaps you have one hanging on you wall that you would part with? Also interested in general info as far as what years would work differences in 35' 36' 37' 38' 39' 40' ect..... Many Thanks d.b.o.l.t.e.r.
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