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  1. Thanks for the replies. I know I put the car down with the P205`s and believe the clearance issue was the same for left and right but did not document. I will do that tomorrow and report back. I checked the steering stops and compared these with my other 47 business coupe and they are pretty close so I am assuming what they are set as is normal.... 1947 Dodge Club - 15/16" and the 1947 Dodge Bus. Coupe is 7/8". Just wondering what rim and tires you guys are running with as I could look the specs up to help me understand what should work. Thanks again for the support.
  2. Last photos to help me with wheel and tires: 5th - picture shows a P205/75R15 on a 4.5x15 rim - Backspace of 3 3/8" 6th - picture shows P205/75R15 on a 4.5x15 rim with no clearance to brake line clip 7th - picture shows P205/75R15 on a 4.5x15 rim with 1/8" clearance to top arm assembly I guess I am kinda back to what wheel and tire (make and Model) for both that will work on my stock car. Then maybe all this math stuff is not required. I really need some help on this. Tks Randy
  3. Thats great info and thanks for the photo. I do like those vintage shots. Before the internet I told a fellow at a swap meet I needed a radio grill for my 1940 dodge coupe. He said he would ship it to me at no charge. Amazing! When I received it I thought he must have misunderstood the year or make or something because it sure didn`t fit my car dash. I finally found out that it was the USA radio grill. Hehe! I really need some help on this tire/wheel issue for the stock 1947 Dodge club coupe. (Going to be my regular driver hopefuly next week) Question: What P215/75R15 tire (make & model) plus Wheel (make and model) will fit this stock 1947 Dodge (cdn) club coupe. IF I COULD RECEIVE THAT INFORMATION I AM GOOD TO GO! Considerations/Concerns: Hoping I do not have to use a spacer/adapter. Maybe this is the only option regarding how other mopar fellows are able to make the P215 fit. I mounted P215/75R15 tires on a 15 x 5.5 wheel and did not have clearance. Note: Even with the 1/2" spacer that came with car it was not very viable. Plus I lose 1/2" of bolt thread make up into the hub. I mounted a stock 6.00-16 bias tire with 16 x 4 wheel and only had 3/8" clearance. How can a larger tire fit? I have taken photos of the fit issue to hopefully solve this problem. I have broken it down with pictures and some key details. 1st - picture is of the front left steering, suspension, etc. (issue area spray painted silver) 2nd - picture shows stock 6.00-16 bias tire with 16 x 4 rim - backspace of 3 1/8" 3rd - picture is of 16" rim with 6.00-16 tire showing clearance to brake clip of about 3/8" (note: clearance between top arm nut to tire is about 3/8" as well) picture not shown 4th - picture is showing full turn right with 6.00-16 tire on 16" stock rim (just thought it might help) Will send additional pictures on next submit right away. Any questions or clarifications, info greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks so much for your reply. That is a great idea and the picture was a great help. I took a look and I have both steering lock bolts. I measured how far out they are and compared it with my 1947 Plymouth coupe. 1947 Dodge Club - 15/16" and the 1947 Dodge Bus. Coupe is 7/8". So this seems to be ok but was a great thing to check. The 3 3/4" Backspace of the 15 x 5.5 rim is from the outer rim edge. To confirm I cut a board and placed across on top of the steel rim (highest part) and then measured to the wheel mounting surface. You mentioned the that the 5 1/2" rim is a little small for the 215 and I was concerned about that as well. I did check the michelin specs of this tire and it says that it is has a width range from 5.50 to 7.00. From what I have read on this site, people use the 215/75R15 with a wheel size of 15 x 6+, bolt pattern 5 x 4.5, backspace 3.75 with a center hole of 2 3/4" and it works just great. I just don`t get why I am having this problem. One thing I will check tomorrow is to put the 215`s on and take the car off the jacks. Just thought about it and maybe that will solve it... Any other ideas is appreciated. On another note, I am in Canada and I have a 1940 Dodge businessman coupe. The thing is that the Canadian Dodge was basically a Plymouth from the US. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. The dash for example is very different for a US Dodge than a Canadian. I noticed you are in Australia and was wondering what Dodge you have or how it might be different. Yours is a beauty. Thought I would include some pictures so you see what I have been working on. Ps. The 1947 Dodge Bus. Coupe has plymouth front fenders. (it was not me) hehe
  5. Hello Andydodge Thanks so much for the feedback, your 41 Plymouth looks so great. The body shape of the Mopar coupes are the best out there, my opinion. As an update, I placed the original 16" rim and 6.00 - 16 on the front and checked the side clearance. The clearance between the tire and top arm assembly is only about a 1/4 an inch or so. This seems tight for being the stock build for the car. To me the entire front-end looks original but is there something that maybe is letting the tires turn too far. Seems like a long shot but thought I would ask. Also, just wondering if you would know off hand what the backspace is on the rim you have for your 15x6 Wheel Vintiques Chrome Smoothies. Just for info: The 15 x 5.5 I have has a backspace of 3 3/4". Just for fyi, the original 16" rim has a backspace of 3 1/4". What gets me is that with the 15 x 5.5 with a 3 3/4" backspace I basically need an extra 3/4" or better 1" clearance. This just seems odd to me. Any additional thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Randy
  6. I have used this site countless times to solve issues and is amazing. I would sure appreciate any help on the following. I own a stock 1947 Dodge P15 (Cdn Club Coupe) and is hopefully going to be my regular driver this week. (have done lots of work) This car as purchased has 15 x 5 1/2 JJ rims with old 215/75R15 radial tires. I purchased new 215/75R15 michelin Defender LTX M/S tires and had them installed on the rims. The front rims had a spacer installed between the hub and the rim. The Spacer is 9 mm thick. (23/64th inch). I then realized that this Spacer takes up about half of my thread make up on the hub and is not very viable. Plus, I put the new tire/rim on with the Spacer and the tire is still too wide and hits the top arm assembly on the nut anyway. I believe I have looked at most of the threads and there seems to be no problem with the rims being used and that this size of tire should be OK. Just wondering if there is a rim designation or code so I can by new rims that will solve this problem. Any thoughts appreciated. This one has really got me! Randy
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