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  1. Here is the door panels I made to go with the seat
  2. That is the original backrest the bottom is comfortable. It is rough but also my first attempt. I’m not a fit and finish kind of guy but my whole reasoning behind this truck is to do all reasonably by myself so I can’t complain about anything if I did it myself.
  3. I added foam and sewed the edges and the sides
  4. I redid my seat cover by hand so I’ll try to redo it myself
  5. Awesome here’s the truck I got it from
  6. Not sure of the year but was wondering how it was covered
  7. I redid mine with foam from an old mattress pad and hand sewn it was cheap and is comfortable
  8. Paradoxz is his screen name. I’m just glad I’m not the only guy that doesnt know it all
  9. That guys a member here now. I think
  10. Also I am doing the back wheels first ford ranger calipers bronco 2 wheels and trim rings Jeep master cylinder ranger rear shocks. Sounds like a Johnny cash song
  11. Did u do the lug stud conversion
  12. I’m still working it out but the rotors fit perfect. I’m experimenting with a few different calipers but so far so good . I did the Jeep master cylinder swap too
  13. I found the ones in the second pic are 1.915 inches long. The pads seem to hold true so far
  14. 2” rough sawn oak and pine stained. No trim.
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