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  1. I just got done installing the Mar-k brand and it matched up perfectly. I used steel, not stainless. However, to properly weld the angle strips to the side of your bed, you will probably burn the paint on the outside of the bed. I repainted my sides, so it was a moot point, but if you don't want to repaint, and your angle strips are in good shape, you might want to pass on those. Someone might have better experience than me. Have fun...there are a lot of bolts, so always handy to have one of your kids / grandkids there to help. At least my 12 year old was having the time of her life putting all those bolts in!
  2. Wow...this could be a multitude of things - Lifter - is it not pumping up? Or is the cam flat from a bad break in? If you can tell the lifter isn't pumping up, did you have the block tanked, and all ports cleaned out? Once I had a ford with a broken pushrod...kinda same thing as collapsed lifter, and it was sucking oil in and burning it. I also agree about PCV...are you running one? If so, is it sucking oil from crankcase? Very popular thing in modular motor fords, and we usually put a oil separator in line with PCV. I just rebuilt motor in my Mustang Cobra...put in moly rings, and it took forever to get them to break in. I ended up taking on highway for couple hundred miles, all good, went to Royals game, and mustang quit smoking and using oil. I wish you the best of luck my friend...this could take a while. I would start with lifters and go from there.
  3. Mine came on the truck with that flexible hose. But...when I ordered a replacement from Rock Auto, it too was flexible. I was going through my stash of parts, and found a flexible stainless universal hose...those are a little pricey, but since it was sitting around, I used it.
  4. Mine has similar to your first picture...52 B3B
  5. Rustyhope front kit. Top notch kit. Well worth the price. My son loves going to grandpas to work on the old dodge. He is only 7, so I only get about an hour out of him before he is off doing something else.
  6. Sorry this is my first post, haven't had anything to say, but wanted to tell everyone thanks for all the post. I am in process of working on a 1952 B3B, just did disc brake front, cherokee rear, in process of doing master cylinder. Truck sat for a while, so had to break engine free. Runs pretty good around the yard. Most everything I had questions about, I was able to find in this website. Once brakes are done, will do the electrical. Already 12v, but every time you touch a wire, it crumbles in your hand. Right now I just have power to starter, from starter to fuse block, and ignition and fuel pump. I will try to keep everyone posted on details. Thanks again all!!!
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