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  1. That was fast, thanks for the pic. I suspected that tube was it but haven't had time to research it. Thanks a lot! Neil
  2. I'm currently trying to figure out where the vac operated wipers get there vacuum from on the engine. My project is a 1940 P10, basket case. I researched it and couldn't find anything. Any help would-be greatly appreciated. Neil
  3. neil

    Original color

    Thanks for the information, I'll do a little more digging. Neil
  4. How do I find out the original color of my 1940 Plymouth P10? I know this topic has been covered before but I failed to find any reference in questions section.Neil
  5. As noted above its doesn't need to be rocket science to test the starter. I use the jumper cable method with a good battery of proper size and rating and judge the effect when connected. 6v starters are a little slower to respond than 12v. As long as the starter spins quickly and the bendix extends its probably good to go . The best test in installed on the car. Just my 2 cents. Good luck. Neil
  6. I Love it! The3 Jet Age.Where is Clark Grisswald/ Where is it now?
  7. neil

    1940 p10 floor

    The Plymouth Dr got back to me and gave me some prices, he guarantees the quality so that a plus for me, we ill see how this turns out. He pretty much confirmed that the front floor for 1940 would fit the sedan or coupe. Thanks to everyone for all the input. When I find time to work on it some more I will keep you all informed.
  8. neil

    1940 p10 floor

    I'll give them a try tomorrow, does anyone know if the coup floor and sedan floor are the same?
  9. neil

    1940 p10 floor

    I have tried to contact the Doctor, have not had any success, anyone else use the Doctor?
  10. neil

    1940 p10 floor

    I was just curious about the 7 passenger car, thanks for for the info. My car is a 1940 4 door sedan, P10. I am looking for the fwd floorboard that is bolted in and covers the entire frt floor, driver side to passenger side up to firewall. Not sure about the deluxe thing. Any other floors that are available would be great to. Neil
  11. Does anyone know where to find floor pans for p10 1940? I'm Having trouble finding what I need. It covers the fwd floor all the way across and up to the firewall. Also what is the difference between a deluxe and a seven passenger? Neil
  12. I pulled the engine today and gained access to the fwd plug and removed it, it was steel. I removed the clutch housing and located the rear plugs. Not sure of the history on the engine but it is not as sluged up as I would have predicted. I'm going to clean up the pan, replace fwd and aft crank seals and cam chain, install the new freeze plugs and back in it will go. Thanks for all the help. Neil
  13. Than know s so much for the information, I now know I need to go ahead and pull the engine to get to the other plugs. I also found a lot of sediment in the lower freeze plug area so to clean it properly I will pull the engine . Thanks again, Neil
  14. Hi to all, I'm new to this fourm. Currently working on a 1940 Plymouth P10 and have a freeze plug question. How many are hidden? I have removed the five 5 along the left side of the block and I understand there is one under the clutch housing. Any More? I have also removed the cooling tube behind the water pump. The engine seems to run well enough to go ahead and repair the cooling system leaks and put a few hours on it before declaring it bad. Thanks ahead of time. Neil
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