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    47 Plymouth Special Deluxe 4 door very nice restored interior ,very poor lacquer ,hasn't been started in 9 years.

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    1 man band
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    Kitchen Cabinets I make an install


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    Hi.   pflaming

    Any advise on removing the driver side rear brake drum. Also any guidance on installing a master cylinder on a 47 p15 4door , when I took the tire off there was brake fluid on the back of the steel wheel. As I recall the floor on the driver side was repaired and I think I'll NEED to cut an access if I NEED to go down from the top. Years ago l changed the brake lines, hoses, and wheel cylinders but not the master cylinder. I used silicone brake fluid.The brake pedal is on the floor, any advice would be appreciated. 

      Thanks  Andy Coukos 



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    2. pflaming


      I'm not experienced with the little things like should you flush out the old fluid yet I think I would that will flush out ant water as well and then your new  fluid is not a mixture. Some change all fluids in their cars annually I do not.. 

      i do not have an opinion on silicone as opposed to standard .fluid


    3. Andy Coukos

      Andy Coukos

      HI PAUL

      Thanks once again , in a couple of days I have to move  my car to another garage about 35 miles away. Thanks to you as well as some other members guidance my 47p15  now runs and rolls, just doesn't  stop yet. I"m really looking forward  to actually driving it again.

      Take care   Andy


    4. pflaming


      It always takes a while, stay with it, I really enjoy my truck.

  2. I have one bad wheel to replace, original 15" is it possible or is there a replacement that would work? Thanks Andy
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