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    These designs are way over designed and none for an R 10. I have fabricated one for my B3B, with R10 overdrive. It will be on display at Tims BBQ. Parts are at a machine shop now getting "professionalized.
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    George update, and AoK Intake updates

    Just thought I would share a picture of fellow Canadian Joe Flynn's cool ride, now running an AoK dual carb intake, linkage and air cleaner setup that I just got.
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    I apologize in advance to the person I got this from and I will find it and provide them credit at some point. For this one of course it would not work on an r10g1 overdrive, although that is not to say they couldn't make one for that purpose.
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    Good blog entry there Tim. It seems what is old is new again or in other terms, the 45 year ago guy sounds a lot like a certain member of the forum, who fits the bill of what ever he has is clearly the best and the only way to go. Sometimes I wonder if those people ever learn. Clearly the one on the forum hasn't. I wonder if the 4 barrel dude learned his lesson ? Thank you for taking the time to explain multiple carbs and flathead mopar inner workings. As usual I learn more on your blog in one entry, than I do from reading thousands of posts by the want-to-be experts on the open forum. Barb
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