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    Hey, shouldn't you be out pouring concrete??
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    as is most all things, there is good reading on the internet in forms of white papers...and as with all subjects people write about....not all of them are truly professional and some are just your basic hacks.....silver solder is not at all hard to do and most can be done with a propane torch, flux is a basic borax blend...but there are a few rules and guide lines to follow in the process. Suggest reading a few articles first and you will find the key points will be posted in each and you will soon recognize the basic principles that separate the truth and process from that of the hacker quick fix. Supplies to get you started and grades of solder can be found at most all plumbing retailers but definitely at AC supply houses for certain. Read a few papers, practice on a piece of scrap...get comfortable with the process...as with all weld/solder cleanliness and correct process and flux are key.
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    Learned some very basic things

    It melts a little hotter, that's all. The alloy has some silver in it and it varies by grade. I've done it and I think it will be OK for trim metal.
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    Recommended transmission fluid

    I would be patient and wait for the new synchros and order some Red Line. I ordered my Red Line out of a place in Ontario and had it in three days. You have your gorgeous Chrysler to drive in the meantime. I hear you on EBay’s global shipping. I don’t know why any sellers use it. It is incredibly slow and way more expensive than using the postal service. I used to sell a lot of Mopars related stuff on eBay and always used the postal system. Never had an issue whether insured or not. There are a lot of ebayers who have lost sales to me because of the cost of global shipping. Worst thing eBay ever did. So ends the rant!
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    Recommended transmission fluid

    These Mopar transmissions more than likely didn't grind back in the days when in good condition. But at least there is a synthetic liquid fix it appears so far.
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    You trying to give me a heart attack? My wallet is clamped down so tight I did not want to spring for the bottle of gas for mig welding ... Tig setup for my welder is another $550+ Los does his best Sanford and son impression .... Look out it's the big one! I will mark tig as best answer. Sadly to get to this item in the future for adjustment or work ... pull the hood, radiator and be a contortionist to reach it ... I want to make sure it is solid the first time. And that would mean find a good welder that can do it ...
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    Learned some very basic things

    I don't think I've ever soldered stainless, but it's normally just a matter of getting things really clean, then getting the heat where it's needed. I've soldered copper pipe and copper wire, steel to steel, and copper/brass to steel. I've soldered my wire framed eyeglasses, which I used to break frequently as a kid. I've soldered little jewelry of unknown alloys. I recently bought some stuff for soldering aluminum, but I haven't tried it yet. The trickiest soldering I ever did was in a gas station in Layton Utah. The throttle cable of my Yamaha had broken at the twist end. The guy had solder but no soldering iron. I managed to heat the ferrule with a BIC lighter, and poke out the broken end with the remaining (trimmed) cable. I had pre-tinned the cable, and it soldered instantly. When it's done right, it happens fast.
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