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    I installed this voltage reducer from e-bay ahead of the wiper switch. Wipers work just fine. VOLTAGE Reducer Regulator 12 Volts to 6 volts 25 AMP HOTROD VINTAGE ANTIQUE CAR
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    Broken crank would really be a rarity. I've seen only a couple, other than real high performance stuff being abused, in over 60 years of messin' with things mechanical. Both were V8 Mopars from the early v8 era with no harmonic dampeners. Both of those had a heavy solid sounding knock when idling. The break was a diagonal fracture near the a main bearing. On a 6, never. But as the earlier poster mentioned, a loose flywheel could certainly sound like that. A little more info about the noise might help. does it do it under all load conditions, or only when decelerating, light load, heavy load and accelerating etc. Rods typically knock on overrun, rev slightly and slowly release the throttle, and overrun begins the knock is loudest. Mains loudest under load. If it knocks at idle, and it is the flywheel, the noise should change when the clutch is depressed.
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    Keith: I just use a cannon LIDE sigle page scanner and save every catalog as a PDF document. I have approximately 55-60 catalogs that range from 1910 upto 1950's that have a great deal of cross reference part numbers that were produced by the major car part suppliers. Yes I agree that this data is slowly getting destroyed because paper wears with each usage. I have decided to collect the appropriate catalogs that help me keep my 39 Desoto running so that is why is center around the late 30 thru 40's. The biggest issue is that I am finding that most antique car and truck owners currently have changed. They do not imbrace the midset of wanting to own information but are of th emindset of everyone is here to provide them with the information and they want everyone else to do the leg work to get the information and provide it to them for free. Yes these catalogs can be costly just do some research on ebay and you will see that some run upto $30 plus shipping and then there is the time spent to scan each page. So providing the information for free is not really free because someone had to buy the information and take the time to store it in a newer format that can last longer than the current format of paper. So inorder to get a central library there would have to be some how to fund the process of just collecting and scanning the data and is everyone willing to put in the effort to get a scanner and take the time to do the leg work. The last catalog that I have listed took me over 2 hours of my own time to scan. I was given this catalog by a friend of mine and will give it back to him but there is time involved and he had to purchase it first. Hard subject to make a stand for but I agree it would be nice to have a central library. But at what cost and then who owns the library? Any commentss appreciated. When I ask if when people are looking for a part for a car or they need to know how to fix an issue I ask if they have a parts manual or service manual and most times they say no, but want me or someone else to tell them all of the information. I am a long time car enthusiast for 30+ years. I know many people that have done their own leg work and when they have exhausted their searching and attempting to fix the issue then they reachout for help. A lot of times currently you do not even hear back from some of the people that you have provided assistance to. Yes it is great to help and pass on knowledge but the current generation of antique car guys has changed. I do not know if this is becsue of shows like Barret Jackson and with the opportunity to get an antique car and then want everyone to do the fixing and repairs. The hobby has changed with the pre millennial age grouping. Rich HArtung
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    230 Oil Filter Lines

    Andy, Just needed to paint the brake drums red also! Then all those speeding tickets- - - DJ
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    230 Oil Filter Lines

    Also the Beehive I had came with a listing for about 10 different brands of filter cartridge which I have somewhere..all US brands but I was able to get a cross reference to some Oz ones, but because the Beehive has fins the car went faster, I was unsure whether to paint red between the fins as the brakes were still stock drums...............lol.............regards, from Oz.......andyd
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    230 Oil Filter Lines

    The flow thru the bypass filter is controlled by the bypass valve in the block. It is NOT a full flow oil filter so the diameter of the stock feed lines are sufficient. Too much flow thru that filter will starve the engine of pressure. Fortunately, the oiling system incorporates a valve to regulate the bypass oil filter operation.
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    Hand painted details

    Used some model paint to hand paint the tail lights, hubcaps and Job Rated. Nice to have an artist for a wife who willingly did the work 😊
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    YOM plate restoration odyssey

    Funny thing about paint, there is dry time and cure time. If you second or third coat within the dry time you will be fine. But you have to wait until after cure time- usually 48 hours if you want to add another coat. Otherwise it wrinkles. buddy just went through this on some signs. Then he read the can. had much better results.
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    Northeast member check in please

    Fulton New York, sounds like fun. I haven't taken the car over a 20 mile ride yet. May not make it with the car
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    Finished the exhaust this morning. Photo shows it all welded and ready for paint. Video shows it installed. Estimates for a shop to make the dual exhaust for my 47 coupe ranged from $900 to $1400. I did it for $400 and had parts left over from the bend kit that I bought. First part shows the exhaust without the splash pans. Shop said that there was no way to keep it. Second part show that I was able to do the impossible I guess. Not a very good video but can't expect much for only 18" of clearance, holding a light in one hand and the camera in the other. lol
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